Discover the Different Kratom Strains and What Makes Them Unique

A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine highlights kratom’s use as an anti-depressant in the U.S., with the majority of respondents indicating that they use it to soothe depression and anxiety.

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The study goes on to state that kratom has a low potential for abuse and that there is more research needed to investigate its medicinal properties.

If you’ve heard of kratom and are considering taking it, it’s best to do this from an informed perspective. Get started by discovering the various kratom strains and what they’re used for.

How Many Kratom Strains are There?

Kratom products categorize the different strains by the color of the leaf veins. These colors don’t indicate different plants as much as their age.

Young kratom plants have white veins, that turn green, and then red, as the plant ages. Kratom affects everyone differently, but these colors do indicate some common benefits overall.

You can enjoy the reported benefits of kratom thanks to wholesale kratom powders and capsules.

White Kratom

White kratom is energizing and stimulating, with the same effect as your morning coffee. The major difference is that kratom’s effects last for hours.

Most people who use this type of kratom report that they feel enthusiastic and positive all day when they take the white variety.

Others take white vein kratom to retain consistent productivity by beating the afternoon slump.

Some also turn to white vein kratom to overcome afternoon fatigue and retain consistent productivity. They claim it sharpens their focus and enhances mental clarity.

When you have an active, energy-filled day, thanks to white kratom, you’ll also sleep better at night.

Growers have found a way to enhance white vein kratom using a special 20-day drying method. This technique means you’ll enjoy the benefits of white kratom for even longer.

Green Kratom

Green kratom occupies the middle ground between the white and red types of kratom. It’s said to offer the perfect balance of analgesic properties and energizing benefits.

This is another energizing type of kratom, which can improve mood and provide a morning energy boost. In some cases, green kratom induces euphoria and is a favorite among creative users.

Green strains of kratom help facilitate sedation and reduce pain.  Lower doses have similar effects to white vein kratom, while higher doses are more like red kratom.

The effects of green kratom last for at least eight hours, and they’re well known for boosting self-esteem and enhancing social interactions.

Red Kratom

Red vein varieties of kratom are by far the most popular. They’re widely used to treat anxiety by instilling a sense of tranquility and euphoria in users.

In higher doses, red kratom can act as a sedative, loosening tight muscles and targeting inflammation. Due to this, some people prefer red kratom for chronic pain.

Gold vein kratom comes from specially-dried red kratom. It’s a rare type of kratom that enhances clarity.

Good Health, Naturally

Kratom is a way to enjoy some of the benefits of opioids without the side effects. It’s a completely natural product and as more research comes to light, it’s bound to become even more popular.

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