Everything You Need to Know to Get Long and Healthy Lashes

Not blowing anyone away by batting your lashes? Eyelashes are a prominent feature on the face, and one we often apply make-up to first in order to highlight the eyes. If you’ve found our lashes to be wanting, there are some strategies you can use.

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Thicker and longer lashes that are natural often mean healthy lashes. Treat your lashes well and you will see results in the mirror.

Makeup Breakup

Using makeup can hurt your lashes more than realize from what you’re putting on to how you’re taking it off. Make sure you look at your mascaras and check the ingredients. Some mascaras have ingredients that can make lashes more dry and brittle, so they’re more likely to break or fall out.

And this is the same for your makeup remover. Be sure you remove your makeup after each day and don’t scrub intensely at your face. You want to be gentle when removing eye makeup and wipe it off by going down with your eyes closed so you don’t hurt your lashes or contribute to wrinkles.

And if you’ve been wearing eye makeup every day for the last year or several years, take a break. This might be hard to do because you’re used to your face with it on, but your lashes will thank you for the break.

Take Care

Eyelashes are sensitive and just like the hair on your head, need to be taken care of so they can grow healthy and strong. You can brush your lashes with good oils like coconut or castor oil, which will help your lashes stay strong and hydrated. Use a clean mascara brush to apply it every day and your lashes will be feeling better than ever.

You can also use helpful serums and oil mixtures to rehydrate. Tools like Revitalash can help you rehydrate your lashes and help them heal from issues like rough make-up remover or chemicals in make-up and synthetic serums.

Thicker Tricks

Not everyone is born with long and thick lashes, and that’s okay. If you take good care of your lashes but want them to be thicker, you do have a few options to get the full lash look even if it’s not in your DNA.

For thicker eyelashes, you can use eyelash serums that promote growth but make sure you check the ingredients and compare brands. Some serums could end up hurting more than helping.

Another option for thicker and longer eyelashes is to invest in eyelash extensions like magnetic lashes. They can stay on for longer than false eyelashes and give you a stunning look every day with less hassle.

Healthy Lashes

Healthy lashes can mean a healthy diet, better makeup, or no makeup at all. It depends on what your routine looks like and the areas you can make changes. The important thing to remember is that when seeking fuller eyelashes, you have options that can help and give you the look you want.

Try several strategies to achieve longer lashes and give them time to take effect. Hair needs time to grow, and your lashes are no different. And this helped you find some new strategies to achieve that full lash look, keep reading for more helpful beauty tips and tricks.

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