How Much Is a Facelift? 5 Things to Know

Issues with self-esteem are common sources of numerous symptoms associated with mental illness. It’s difficult to say where self-esteem starts, and it’s tough to say which factors will damage the self-esteem of different individuals.

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That said, the way that we look has a lot to do with the way that we feel about ourselves. For better or worse, self-image and self-esteem are tied for most people.

One way to try and boost your self-esteem is through plastic surgery. A facelift is one way that people try to boost their self-image. How much is a facelift, though, and what are the risks associated with getting one?

We’re going to run through five important facts about the cost of facelifts today, giving you a good idea of what to expect. Let’s get started.

1. The National Average Cost

There are numerous factors that influence how much a facelift costs. Overall, though, the average amount that someone spends on a facelift is around $8,000 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

That’s a good number to measure potential quotes against if you’re shopping around.

2. Consider Related Expenses

The surgery itself might cost one amount, while the hospital stay and anesthesia costs might get billed independently. Those fees are closely tied to the particular surgeon you go to as well as the amount of time you spend in the hospital afterward.

3. Post-Surgery Costs

Another thing to factor in is the presence of medication, treatments, and recovery expenses after the surgery takes place. You might require some pain medication, post-operation checkups, and more.

These things will vary in price according to your area, your needs, and whether things recover in a timely manner.

4. Insurance May Not Help

Facelifts are cosmetic surgeries, which means that most insurance plans don’t help with their costs. Facelift costs come out of pocket, and the only thing that insurance will cover is medication in some cases.

If something goes wrong during the surgery and you require further medical attention, your insurance will help with those needs. Some cosmetic procedures are involved in required procedures, though.

For example, a top nose surgeon might operate in a cosmetic capacity or a medically necessary one. If your facelift has to do with a medical issue, then your insurance might contribute more.

5. Location is Very Important

Different regions have different standards for facelift costs. Many areas without a lot of demand will charge a lot less for the procedure than other areas.

The difference in price is so significant that it might be a good idea to travel out of state to receive a better price. That difference could be a matter of thousands of dollars and more than cover the travel expenses associated.

So, How Much is A Facelift?

Answering the question “how much is a facelift” is difficult because there are so many factors involved. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on your circumstances.

The benefits of a facelift might more than outweigh the facelift costs, though. We’re here to help you with more information. Explore our site for more ideas on facelift recovery, costs associated with the procedure, and more.

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