Gifts to Kickstart 2024: A Thoughtful Guide for Kids

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to make 2024 the best year of your child’s life? If so, there are all kinds of great gifts that you can give to them on New Year’s Day to make 2024 every bit as successful as you would like it to be. You won’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to buy them these gifts, either. Take a look at some of the unique New Year’s gifts for kids below to start generating some ideas.

1. Collector’s Items

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Were you someone who enjoyed collecting sports cards when you were younger? You might want to think about passing your love for these cards on to your child by picking up new sports cards for them. Sports cards have come back in a big way over the last few years, and it has made it very easy for a child who doesn’t have much experience with them to begin collecting cards. You might be able to introduce your child to a lifelong hobby simply by investing in a few packs of sports cards for them.

2. Fun & Functional Decorations
At the start of 2024, there is a good chance you’ll be getting your hands on a new calendar for your house so that you can keep better track of the days throughout the new year. Why not pick up a calendar for your child, too, during the holiday season? It’s never too early to begin teaching your kids about how to keep tabs on what day it is, what might be coming up during the week, etc. There are so many fun calendars for kids that you can buy and hang up in your child’s room to match their interests and personalities, from cats to cars to TV characters.

3. Gifts for Organization

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If your child is still on the younger side, they might not have much use for a planner. But if they’re in middle school or older, a planner could really do them a lot of good. They’ll be able to start staying more organized by writing down when homework assignments are due, when they have extracurricular activities on their schedule, and when holidays are coming. You can teach your child a very useful life skill by giving them a planner and encouraging them to use it.

4. Skillful Accessories
There are more than 31.5 million seconds in a year. As a parent, you should try to motivate your child to make the most of every single second in 2024. One effective way to do this is by purchasing a watch for your child to wear and having them wear it each day so that they’re able to learn how to manage their time well. Thanks to the prevalence of cell phones, learning how to tell time on a watch has turned into a lost art, but it’s still a great skill for your child to have.

5. Unleashing the Fun in Fitness

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Every year, millions of Americans scramble to join a gym at the beginning of January. They do it in an attempt to get in better shape, lose weight, or stick to another New Year’s resolution. If you have a teenager, getting a gym membership for them for New Year’s might be a fantastic gift, as you can get a good deal on it and use it to talk to your child about the importance of working out and getting their blood flowing. You might even want to start going to the gym with your child so that you can show them the ropes.

6. Adventures in Savings
Teaching your child to save their money instead of always spending it is something that could help them immensely later on in life. If you would like to start teaching them this skill in 2024, buying them a piggy bank as a holiday gift could help get the job done. You might be able to show them how much money they can save in a single year just by providing them with a piggy bank and trying to get them to use it to save as much of their money as they can.

7. Fuzzy Friends & Memories

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If you and your family lost a pet in 2023, you might still be grieving its loss. In this case, you should help your child remember this pet by picking up something like a customized animal urn that you can use to display a pet’s remains. It’ll help your child keep the memory of your pet alive well into 2024 and beyond. If, however, your child has never had a pet of their own, 2024 might be the year that you want to get them one. Getting a pet will teach your child about how to be responsible and provide them with a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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