The Importance of Groom’s Wedding Accessories: Adding Flair to Your Look

The right wedding accessories add a substantial amount of style and charm to an already unforgettable day. But, picking the right accessories can be challenging with the sheer range of options to choose from. Use our guide to help you out for your special day!

A cummerbund is a sash traditionally worn around the waist on ceremonial occasions. A colonial tradition with its roots in British India, this particular accessory has managed to change with the times while retaining its trademark elegance. While traditional cummerbunds are black, most grooms tend to go with a silver or gold one to complement their dark attire. This accessory is an instant way to stand out from the other suited-up wedding attendees, and you can even work with your partner to complement their outfit with your cummerbund. For example, a silver pearly cummerbund can look incredible next to a pearl-lined wedding dress.

Additionally, cummerbunds also make for a great choice when it comes to practicality. They can seamlessly hide any shirt or suit wrinkles while also nicely shaping the groom’s waistline. After a hearty wedding dinner, it might just come in handy.


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Rings usually kick off the wedding festivities, so they often get overlooked as accessories for the actual day of the event. As a symbol of the love between a groom and their partner, rings can light up an already star-studded day in a unique way.

As a groom, you can use your rings to show off your personality in a way that your traditional suit might not fully allow. This is your chance to put a bit of yourself into your outfit, whether that’s your favorite hobby, sports team, or artist. Rings are also great accessories because they can be fully customized to suit the wearer’s tastes and requirements.

Our recommendation would be to coordinate with your partner to wear glamorous matching rings at the wedding. There’s nothing better than two meteorite rings glimmering side by side.

Any great wedding suit is incomplete without a snazzy set of customized cufflinks. Cufflinks come in a wide range of materials ranging from your standard gold and silver to more daring options like glass and even emerald! While cufflinks might be a small part of your outfit, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact they have on the whole look.

If the budget allows for it, it’s worth springing for a set of customized cufflinks for your wedding. You can inscribe your wedding day, initials, or even a quote that means something to both of you. The best part? They make fantastic mementos to look back on as you grow older together.

Traditional cummerbund and black suits are great, but some couples prefer to break the rules and get quirky for their special day. Hats add a great bit of levity and charm to a groom’s outfit, and they can make for a seriously impressive silhouette if chosen carefully.

There are tons of headwear options to choose from here, from fedoras to a Scottish beret, and even cowboy hats if the occasion calls for it. The important thing here is to not get carried away and keep your wedding’s overall theme and dress code in mind when picking your hat. It’s great to stand out, but probably not too much.

Contrast also matters here. Unlike with pocket squares, a wildly different hat can throw your whole outfit off-track. If you’re not sure which accessory to go with, it’s generally a good idea to pick a hat that matches your suit’s colors. Beige hats with beige suits, and so on. Don’t forget that your hat is also an opportunity to accessorize further. For a meaningful romantic gesture, try accessorizing your hat with an important memento. It could be their favorite flower, a badge, or just a classy feather.

Pocket Squares and Ties

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Ties and pocket squares are the type of wedding accessories that can define your whole outfit, even with their small form factor. Pocket squares are popular accessories that are commonly chosen due to their incredible customizability, whether it’s the materials or the patterns that adorn them.

Use a pocket square to highlight your best features and show off your confidence on your big day. For instance, grooms will often use pocket squares to complement their skin tone and other accessories. You can either try to match your partner’s outfit with your pocket square or go the other way and pick something that contrasts heavily with your outfit for an eye-catching combination.

The great thing about ties is that you just can’t go wrong with them. No matter what color your outfit is, it’s likely a cute bow tie will only enhance your appearance. If you’re going for a more straight-edge, modern look, you’ll want to go with a standard skinny solid tie. On the other hand, if levity is the goal, then a lightly-colored bow tie is the one to go with. Remember that your tie and suit don’t strictly have to match here. Solid ties can go well with striped/patterned suits and vice versa.

This blast from the past is a wedding essential for those looking to add some vintage sophistication to their outfits. A wonderful blend of function and aesthetic, suspenders work to hold up your outfit while also contrasting with its colors.

The traditional way to incorporate this accessory into your outfit is to go with leather. Light brown leather suspenders always go well with navy or black pants and a white shirt, and they can also be easily paired with a similarly dark waistcoat if needed.

A Special Outfit For Your Special Day
It doesn’t matter if you’re all about rings or if suspenders are more your thing. As a groom, it’s your special day! What’s important is taking the opportunity to show off your personality and express your love through a unique outfit that only you could wear. Happy shopping!

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