Reimagining Your Kitchen: Upgrades For Style and Function

Whether you’re whipping up your family’s favorite meals every night or baking choice cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, you’re at home in your kitchen. Lately, though, you’ve been feeling the seven-year itch. As much as you love being in the kitchen, you realize your kitchen is long overdue for a makeover, and you’re tempted to give it a much-needed upgrade right away.

You’re in excellent company. Research shows that do-it-yourself home improvement is expected to grow by 4.5% from 2021 to 2027, with kitchens being the most commonly renovated rooms.

The great news? Reimagining your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated, and the right renovation can make your culinary space more appealing and inviting for years to come. Let’s explore the top upgrades for style and function.
1. Introduce Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors
One of the easiest ways to elevate your kitchen’s look is by installing glass doors on your kitchen cabinets. This allows you to overhaul your cabinets’ appearance without replacing them. Glass doors will brighten your room and create depth by reflecting the kitchen’s natural light. Glass doors are an especially excellent choice for smaller kitchens, as they’ll make your space look bigger.

Perhaps your kitchen doesn’t have much natural light. Consider installing doors with convenient lights inside. The added lights are perfect for showcasing your lovely dishes, vases, and other cabinet decor.

2. Go With More Drawers
Are you looking for a way to create more storage space in your kitchen? Add drawers by switching some cabinet doors to drawers. The more drawers you have, the easier it may be to eliminate the clutter accumulating on your kitchen countertops. Drawers are perfect for holding kitchen gadgets that may not fit well in cabinets, like kitchen scales, juicers, graters, pitters, and more. Incorporating more drawers into your kitchen design will instantly update your cooking area aesthetically and functionally.

3. Add Color With Carpet
Carpet in the kitchen? Yes, please! Carpets and rugs are an effortless and cost-effective way to add variation and color to your kitchen. Bright-colored carpets are the best option for kitchens that don’t already have many hues, as they’ll immediately liven up these spaces. Consider also matching your carpet or rugs with your existing flooring or cabinetry. A flat-weave rug is one of the most practical kitchen floor covering options since it’s relatively simple to clean; simply toss it in your washing machine.

4. Make a Nook
Take a look at your unused kitchen corners. You can turn one of these corners into a nook. Nooks can serve as cozy little home cafes, workstations, or dining spaces. Add a classy bench to the area with several chic cushions and pillows to create the perfect spot for Zoom meetings, sipping on java, or eating comfort food with the family night after night.

5. Give Your Cabinets a Facelift
Your cabinetry is one of the most important parts of your kitchen design, as it significantly affects your room’s overall appearance and offers essential storage. Update your kitchen cabinets with high-quality, modern options from a leading cabinetry provider. Although painting existing cabinets can be a good option in some cases, a new cabinet style may be in order to breathe new life and functionality into your kitchen. This is especially true if you plan to resell your home within the next few years.

6. Create a Kitchen Island
Adding an island to your kitchen is among the best interior upgrades for today’s homeowners. Islands are particularly great investments in large kitchens since they’re both attractive and highly practical. Many potential home buyers prefer kitchen islands, so prioritize this renovation if you plan to sell your home. A new island might make your home easier to sell and improve your home’s resale value.

7. Switch Up Your Countertops
Changing your kitchen countertops is another great way to add pizzazz to an outdated kitchen. New countertops can help redefine your kitchen since they tend to be a kitchen’s most captivating element.

Quartz countertops are popular options since they’re scratch- and stain-resistant. These countertops are made using the mineral quartz, pigments, polymers, and resins. They’re non-porous and durable, making them convenient to use and maintain since you never have to seal them. You can also get quartz countertops in numerous patterns, colors, and finishes to match your existing kitchen decor.

Don’t forget to add a backsplash to your kitchen, too. This will make your kitchen even more visually stunning. Excellent options to go with your quartz countertops range from stone to brick. They’ll give your kitchen a luxe feel and look while standing the test of time.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen With Confidence Today
Your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home, so it only makes sense to update the room’s design to make it more appealing for family, friends, and you. Fortunately, taking your kitchen up a notch can be easy and cost-effective. Consider the above-mentioned tips for reimagining your kitchen through the right upgrades, and create a plan to take your cooking space from drab to fab today!

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