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Here’s how you can curate your home-office. Tips and suggestions

Home-office is as real as your regular office, and it entails a structured curation. Let’s look at some creative ideas for home-offices.

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No. Your home-office is not a temporary arrangement. If you had such perceptions, then they would have vanished by now. As we usher into 2022, home-offices are one of the most glaring realities. Well, the message is crystal clear. And it says that we have to take our home-offices as ‘real’ offices. In other words, a home-office is a simulation of your regular office. In tune with this, curating your home-office with well-devised strategy and finesse is essential. What should encourage you to do so is the fact that many corporations have made home-offices their main mode of functioning. There’s no choice it seems.

However, working from a home-office entails some impediments. And topping the list is a symbiotic arrangement of office paraphernalia in a limited space. Though it pinches deep into the heart, but not all of us are blessed with a palatial or even a cottage. We have to fit our home-office into a limited space. So, what we need is a fusion of creativity and necessity. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some creative home-office ideas for small spaces. The idea is to make optimum use of the space available and at the same time ensure that we work efficiently.

Place ergonomic furniture in your home-office

Ergonomic furniture is an absolute departure from regular office furniture. Ergonomic furniture comprises sit and stand desks, standing desk, office desk chairs, desk converters, and stools. These furniture variants score high on physical and mental comfort quotients as they are designed to assist working professionals. Second, ergonomic furniture is now being designed exclusively for home-office arrangements. This is indeed a big shot in the arm.

5 creative home-office ideas for small spaces

1. Below the staircase

The area below the staircase is an excellent option to exercise if you’re looking to set up your home-office. It allows you to work in a serene environment and also keep an eye on the surroundings. You may place a desk and a chair in such a way that your back faces the wall. Or you may arrange it the other way round. But whichever way you choose, the area underneath the staircase provides a soothing working environment.

2. In the hallway

Your home-office can be creatively curated in the hallway as it’s one area which allows maximum mingling with your folks. People who work in hallway home-offices are able to keep an eye on the ambient activities and proceedings. Here too, you may choose a table and a desk chair as your companions. Or you may also use a sit and stand desk for maximum efficiency.

3. On the dining table

The dining table is a wonderful working platform where you can place your laptop or PC with utmost ease. In fact, many home-office specialists prefer to use the dining table since it doesn’t require any additional investment. All that you need to do is sit and work. Moreover, the dining table also allows considerable space for your wrists and forearms. Such home-offices are quite popular today.

4. In the kitchen

Believe it or not, the kitchen provides ample space to set up your home-office with minimum effort. There’s a nook or a corner in every kitchen that remains mostly unfilled. And that’s where you can exercise your creativity to set up your home-office. You may place a table and a chair, or even a sit and stand desk in your kitchen. Guess what, if your dining table is placed in the kitchen, then it provides a wonderful home-office option.

5. On the dressing table

Creativity stems from adornment. And that’s why you may consider your dressing table as a prospective home-office arrangement. You just need to place your laptop or PC on the top and use a stool for the perch. An ergonomic stool works really well here. And it feels good to keep looking at yourself in the mirror.


There’s no need to sulk if you are working from a home-office. On the contrary, it’s a golden opportunity to put your creativity into action. These home-office ideas are worth a try.

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