How Long Does Makeup Last: 3 Signs It’s Time to Toss Your Products

‍You know that sinking feeling when you reach for your favorite lip gloss or favorite mascara, and it feels like it’s turned to liquid. The horror! But why does this happen? And how long does makeup last, anyway?

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In a perfect world, our beauty products would never rot. Sadly, there’s a catch with cosmetics that you have to keep stored in a cool and dry environment.

We don’t always remember to do that all the time. There are a few key indicators that will let you know if something isn’t right with your cosmetics.

How long does makeup last? Find out more below.

1. Makeup Smells Terrible

One of the most obvious signs that your makeup has gone bad is a terrible smell. If you open up your favorite blush or eyeshadow and it smells like rotten eggs or a skunk got into it, it’s time to ditch it.

This is a sign that bacteria have grown in the product and turned it foul. And it’s not just your makeup that has a stink. Brushes are a big culprit of this, too.

This is thanks to the bristles picking up all kinds of dirt, oil, and bacteria that the makeup is transferred onto the bristles. So if your brushes smell, toss them, too.

2. Makeup Feels Sticky Or Greasy

Another big sign that something is up with your makeup is if it feels sticky or feels greasy to the touch. This is a surefire sign that your favorite products have gone bad and bacteria have built up inside them.

It’s also possible that your makeup may be turned with oil if you’ve been storing it in a humid place. If you live in a very damp place and are not storing your products correctly, they can get greasy very quickly.

To avoid sticky and greasy products, you should regularly clean your makeup brushes and applicators.

3. Makeup is Discolored

When your makeup gets old, you might notice it’s starting to turn a bit discolored. This is thanks to oxidization. This is a chemical reaction between the pigments in your makeup and the air around it.

Your products are aging, and they will turn a bit gross. This is more likely to happen to powder products like eyeshadows, blush, or bronzer.

It’s also likely to happen with lipsticks with ingredients like ferulic acid that reacts with oxygen.

Toss It Or Not?

If you’re noticing one or more of these signs in your makeup, chances are it’s time to toss it. But how do you know exactly when you should toss it and when you can keep using it?

First things first, always check the expiration date on the package. If you’re not sure of the expiration date, check the ingredients label.

This isn’t a definite rule, though. Some products last longer than others, so your best bet is to keep your eyes open for bacteria growth or discoloration signs. For example, eye makeup for sensitive eyes will last longer than generic products meant for your eyes.

How Long Does Makeup Last?

When it comes to how long does makeup last, there are several indicators that you might notice that allude to your makeup going bad. Makeup is a great product, but you have to keep it clean and fresh.

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