How Much Does Independent Living Cost on Average?

Are you a person aged 55 or over and thinking about changing your housing or living situation? Did you know that an independent living community is the top choice for many senior citizens in the United States because it gives them the flexibility, independence, and support exactly as they desire?  

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In fact, many senior citizens do not require long-term care and are healthy enough to take care of themselves. They just require a community of like-minded folks to spend time with. If you are considering this option, you might be wondering how much does independent living cost. Read on to find out some independent living prices. 

Some Averages When It Comes to Independent Living 

You are probably worried about the costs of independent living after retirement. Keep in mind that a lot of senior citizens do not retire at all (20% work full-time even after reaching retirement age). Many others keep on working in some part-time measure even after turning 65. They might be a consultant for their previous firm or work independently in some other format. 

Either way, here are some average costs you need to keep in mind for independent living. 

  • Utility bills – depends on the city and state you live in, but it could add up to hundreds of dollars per month
  • Groceries – if you are cooking all your meals, or getting a meal prep service, that’s about $500-$750 per month for two seniors living together
  • Home maintenance – this depends on how much work you’ve already put into your home and includes things like leaky roofs, burst pipes, landscaping, cleaning gutters, and more
  • Transportation costs – if you are still driving then you need to include the cost of car insurance, gas, and car maintenance
  • Entertainment and travel – how do you wish to spend your retirement, i.e, traveling to different places, or taking art classes 
  • In-home care – if you aren’t fully independent and need assistance with daily tasks, you will need to factor in that cost

As you can imagine, every senior citizen is going to have a different lifestyle and thus, a different monthly outlay to worry about. Aso, each independent living facility has its own way of doing things. 

Some Benefits of Independent Living Defined

The great thing about independent living is that if you are a child caring for an aging parent, you can rest assured that they will be part of a vibrant, active community that will keep their minds and bodies busy and fend off loneliness. This will create less stress for you as you are assured of their healthy lifestyles filled with joy and connection. 

There’s No One Number for How Much Does Independent Living Cost

Each independent living community is going to have different activities, amenities, and offerings for its clientele. This results in different costs.

Also, each senior citizen has differing interests and will want different things from their independent living community. That’s why it’s hard to define how much does independent living cost. Doing your due diligence by reading this article and others on our website is the first step!

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