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10 Tips to Make Your Honeymoon Unforgettable

One of the funnest parts of wedding planning is setting aside a special trip with your soon-to-be spouse after your big day! Your honeymoon should be equally as exciting and enjoyable as your wedding day was. Here are a few tips to make your honeymoon truly unforgettable.

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1. Plan Your Honeymoon Together

Many couples prefer to divide up duties when it comes to planning the wedding. The bride might be in charge of planning the attire for the wedding parties, and the groom might be the one who finds the DJ, for example. In the end, teamwork pays off with less stress for both on the wedding day, but a honeymoon should typically be planned together. This ensures that you both get to fully enjoy your first trip as a married couple at a place that suits you both.

2. Visit a Place on Your Bucket List

You may only get one honeymoon in your lifetime, so make it a trip to a place you’ve only dreamt about visiting, rather than somewhere you’ve already been. A honeymoon is a perfect opportunity to splurge and go to a tropical island, explore Europe, see the wonders of the Australian outback, or go on an African safari! The choice is yours!

3. Research the Best Time of Year to Visit

No matter where you decide to visit, there are peak times of the year where it is likely you’ll have beautiful weather and other times when travel is not as advisable. For example, if you plan to visit a tropical island, be sure you’re not going during a hurricane or rainy season. Or, maybe there is a specific event or festival that you wish to plan your trip around.

4. Consider Using a Travel Agent

A travel agent can help you cut back on the amount of honeymoon research you do because they’ll have knowledge about the best times of the year to visit a place. They’ll also have inside knowledge about deals and discounts on hotels and activities where you want to visit. They may even have relationships with some hotels and be able to get you a room in an otherwise booked-up hotel. A travel agent will also be able to help you find travel insurance, which can save you thousands should you become injured or ill and need to cancel/postpone the trip.

5. Go All-Inclusive When Visiting a Resort

If you want to stick to a set budget, an all-inclusive resort may be the best way to go. It’s one less thing to worry about while you’re on your honeymoon. All-inclusive resorts include your stay, all of your meals, drinks, and often a variety of resort activities. Resorts that offer this have their own restaurants and bars to cater to you. Some even have the option to book butler service, which can really make you and your spouse feel like royalty while on your honeymoon.  

6. Pack New Clothes for the Trip

You impressed each other on your wedding day by dressing your best, so keep it going with new honeymoon outfits! For women’s honeymoon outfits, think flirty dresses, sexy swimwear, new accessories, and tantalizing lingerie. And if your husband doesn’t feel the need for new clothing, surprise him with some new outfits like swim trunks, sandals, and polo shirts.

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7. Book Special Activities

Going someplace amazing is a great start to your honeymoon, but you’ll need some activities you can both enjoy while you’re visiting. Maybe you’re both the adventurous type and would love a day swimming with dolphins, parasailing, or taking a muddy ATV tour. Or, perhaps you need some activities that will help you relax even more like a couples massage and spa day, or you could plan a private yacht rental to spend the day cruising the seaside in style. Whatever you plan, be sure it’s something you both will enjoy doing. 

8. Plan for Extra Costs

No matter how meticulous you are in your research and planning, there are bound to be costs that you didn’t think of. Maybe you just want to spend extra money on food and drink while you’re there, or you come across an activity you didn’t know was available but would love to do. You might also run into extra expenses from visas, airport transports, and resort fees while traveling abroad. Be sure to prepare for this and ask your travel agent for more information and recommendations depending on your destination.

9. Talk to Your Hotel About Special Arrangements

Your hotel will be able to help you get the most out of your stay. They may also offer special perks for your visit, like a private dinner with a bottle of wine set up on your hotel balcony. And if there are restaurants in the resort you want to eat at, you may need to make reservations well in advance. 

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10. Schedule Some Romantic Plans

Packing your trip full of touristy attractions is all well and good, but don’t forget that this is one of the most romantic times in your relationship. Plan to do things where you can focus on each other and be intimate. Book that fancy dinner, or bring a bottle of champagne down to the shore to watch the sunset together. A special romantic surprise for your spouse is a good idea to plan, too!

Congratulations on your wedding, and best of luck on your honeymoon! We hope these tips help you make the most of a wonderful and memorable time in your life.

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