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How to get a beautiful and attractive smile

 In this day and age, almost everyone carries around a cellphone with a built-in camera in their pocket. It allows capturing important moments and creating fond memories from our everyday lives. In fact, we all have that one friend that likes taking group photos or selfies on every occasion. If you are reading this article, chances are that you are often anxious about how your face turned out in photos. Whether you seek to improve the way you smile or you want some reassurance, we will list some helpful tips for you. 

attractive smile
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Relax your face muscles while smiling

We sometimes automatically clench our teeth when smiling. It tenses up our facial and neck muscles and exposes teeth too much. Stiff smiles never make for a pleasant or friendly facial expression. Make your smile look as natural and relaxed as possible. To achieve this, leave a small gap between your upper and lower teeth. Become conscious about your smile and avoid creating stiffness in your jaw and neck. Also, remember that eyes help define a smile.

Don’t have them opened too much, as exposed sclera above the pupil signifies fear. Try squinting softly, and don’t make it look forced. This technique is called smizing (smiling with your eyes). It will take some practice in front of the mirror to get it perfect, and that’s normal. Think of a loved one, a funny situation, or a fond memory before smiling. That way, you can subconsciously guide your lips to a beautiful and unforced smile.  

Start lip care routine

Lips often get left out when it comes to our skincare routine, and yet they add a lot to the overall glow of our smile. Cracked, dry and chapped lips are not just an aesthetic problem. They can also cause discomfort every time you make facial expressions. Keep your lips moisturised by applying a lip balm regularly throughout the day. Choose a proper lip balm that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and therefore can prevent dryness and irritation of lips. Also, finding out which type of lipstick suits you the best can make your smile even brighter. Due to the concern that they will appear feminine, men tend to avoid lip balm at all costs.

Gentlemen, nourished lips can nicely frame your smile and boost your odds with the ladies, so you should seriously consider wearing a lip balm. Exfoliate your lips with lip scrubs made of sugar or cocoa powder once a week in order to remove the dead skin. Remember to not over-exfoliate, as the skin on your lips is very thin and can easily break. As the skin on the rest of your body, lips are also exposed to sun damage and shouldn’t be skipped when applying sunscreen.  

Change your dietary habits

A slightly yellowish colour is natural for most people’s teeth. The colour comes from proteins and minerals that build the middle layer of the tooth, dentin. Enamel is the outermost layer, and it’s white in colour, but it’s thin, and the dentin shows through. That being said, some foods and drinks can have a great impact on your smile by staining your teeth and making them more yellow.

The worst offenders are fruit juices and sodas. These drinks are packed with sugar and additives, which cause cavities, staining and even gum disease. They are bad for your overall health, so eliminating them from your diet may be the best option. Furthermore, coffee or tea maybe your favourite morning brews, but they also cause discolourations on your teeth. Caffeine, as well as sugar, raises the acidity of your mouth, which then causes a plaque buildup. Therefore, it’s best to stick only to healthy foods, such as dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and nuts. 

Don’t avoid dental appointments

It’s critical to practice good dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day are essential. If you can, wash your teeth after meals or sugary drinks. If you are in a hurry, even rinsing your mouth with water will help prevent bacteria buildup and tooth decay. Packs of floss picks are cheap and handy because they can be carried in your pocket and used after a meal anywhere.

Your dentist can know if you floss or not, judging by the plaque buildup between the teeth and gum irritation. But don’t try to hide your shortcomings by not showing up at regular check-ups at the dentist. In the hands of the professionals, like the ones over at the reliable Central Coast dental clinic, everyone can have pearly white teeth. They offer a wide range of solutions for a perfect smile. 

Work on your self-esteem 

We know it’s easy to overthink and ruin everything you do in front of other people. Smiling for photos is no exception. You can avoid that by practising in front of a mirror, as stated above. This way, you can build muscle memory of your best smile that you won’t have a problem recalling. It will give you the confidence to smile more around others, which will in turn make smiling even easier.

Also, use that HD camera on your smartphone. Take some selfies, experiment with angles and lighting, and track your progress. After some time, you will be satisfied, and that’s important. Understand that you’re unique, that you deserve to feel good about yourself, and that you can express it with a smile.

Hopefully, these methods will help you relax and be yourself when taking photos. Smiling for the camera at weddings, family gatherings, and other occasions should be fun. The perfect smile will come out automatically whenever you need it. 

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