How to Get Healthy Hair: 5 Easy Tips

Do you have dry, dull, and unhealthy hair?

Americans experience an average of three months worth of bad hair days annually. It means you’ll get eight poor hair days in a month.

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Regularly caring for your hair is the answer to reducing poor hair days. The question is, do you know the most effective ways of doing so?

Lacking habits to maintain healthy locks could lead you to various hair issues in the long run. Read on below for five easy tips on how to get healthy hair.

1. Reduce Heat Styling

Avoid using heat styling tools too often to protect your hair and hair cuticle. High heat can that goes over 300 F can change the shape of your hair’s keratin strands. In turn, the hair loses its elasticity and becomes weaker.

Use heat styling tools only during special occasions. You can heat dry your thick hair and wait for a week before washing it. Reset your crimped hair with a water spritz or stick to natural air-drying as often as possible.

2. Wash With Cold Water

Rinse your hair using cold water to keep it soft and shiny. The cold water helps close the hair’s cuticle and the scalp, making it stronger. Closing the pores on your scalp also keeps grease, oil, and dirt at bay.

Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly after rinsing. Cold-water rinses often leave more residue than warm ones. Don’t forget to drink lots of water before and after bathing to ensure hydrated hair.

3. Mind Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Learning how to get healthy hair also involves reading the labels of hair products. Check the ingredients of the shampoos and conditioners before buying.

Some shampoos and conditioners have harmful ingredients to your hair and health. Buy hair care products from trusted brands. Be wary when buying products that use unbelievable results.

4. Increase Your Protein Intake

Do you want to know how to get thick hair fast? Revisit your diet and increase your protein intake. Foods rich in protein can boost your hair and scalp health.

Eat more lean meat, fish, and poultry. Increase your intake of eggs, beans, and low-fat dairy products. Oysters, salmon, and peanut butter are also good choices.

Limit eating starchy and refined grains and sugary foods.

Cut your alcohol intake that reduces zinc in your body. Zinc is an essential mineral for healthy hair.

5. Regular Trimming Is a Must

Don’t neglect your regular trims to protect your hair’s structural integrity. Regular trimming keeps the hair strands healthy and prevents the ends from breaking off.

What if you want to keep your beautiful hair long? Tell your stylist to snip only the tips of your hair. Snipping gets rid of the damaged ends without compromising your hair’s length.

Check out some of the latest hair trends if you wish to transform your look.

Learn How to Get Healthy Hair Now

Knowing how to get healthy hair brings many benefits. It boosts your confidence level and makes you feel much better about yourself.

Did you find this topic helpful? Check out our other blog posts and go beyond learning how to care for your hair.

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