Maintaining Silky Smooth Locks in 6 Simple Steps

People don’t call a woman’s hair her crowning glory for nothing. Whether curly, short, long, or straight, a woman’s natural, silky smooth hair makes her cut above the rest with a great impression that is sure to stand the test of time.

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And it’s more than just a conversation about style and beauty. The conditions and characteristics of a woman’s hair — the cut, color, texture, and style — can speak volumes about her health, personality, character, and culture. How a woman’s crown looks today will evolve over time. That’s why women go all out when it comes to the attention, effort, and maintenance needed to maintain perfect locks. 

There’s no stopping a woman like you from wearing your crown loud and proud. Gorgeous hair gives you a daily confidence boost unlike any other. Bringing your crown to life every day for self-care is no easy feat, but there are simple, practical, and valuable haircare habits you can develop to reach your goals. Here’s how you can nourish your hair to keep it looking fabulous all day long.

1. Keep hydrated

Staying hydrated allows you to see and feel the difference in the health of your scalp and hair. You’ll be dealing with dry scalp and frizz if you don’t give your hair the hydration it needs. Hydration works two ways:  you’ll have to drink enough water and eat healthily, and you’ll also have to hydrate with top-notch haircare products that give your locks the moisture it needs to prevent frizz. 

Go for products that smooth out the tiny cracks in the hair follicle and replenish dry hair with shine, softness, and moisture. Treating your hair to mask once a week or as often as needed will also help pump hair moisture and add that extra sleekness.

2. Use a smooth, gentle shampoo

When you shampoo too much and too often, you’ll strip your hair of natural oils that make it healthy and strong. You would want to keep the naturally hair-smoothening oils on your hair to reduce frizz, dryness, and breakage. But just because you can apply conditioner without the shampoo doesn’t mean you have to ditch the shampoo altogether.

Go for a shampoo with a balanced pH level that will help you control frizz and cleanse your hair without removing its natural goodness. A gentle shampoo with organic moisturizers or oils will also work to refresh your hair and keep it smooth and shiny. 

3. Never skimp on high-quality conditioner

It goes without saying, but a good anti-frizz conditioner is a woman’s best friend when it comes to achieving silky smooth hair. Condition after every wash to provide your hair the humidity and long-lasting frizz control it needs for the day. 

Make sure to choose the best conditioner to strengthen, moisturize, and nourish frizzy hair. A hydrating conditioner with strand-strengthening keratin or those with natural oils like aloe vera, coconut, and argan will help protect your hair and keep it smoother and shinier all day long. 

You can also apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner for that glossy finish. Apply a few drops to damp hair to seal the moisture and maintain softness.

4. Invest in good hair treatment

It’s good to consider hair treatments but make sure that you avoid chemical processes that are harsh on your strands and can inflict damage that you’ll regret in the long run. Consult with experts about the types of products and treatments that go well with your hair and keep it in prime condition.

Keratin treatment, for example, is believed to be less damaging to the hair compared to other treatments and is best for those with coarse, thick, unruly hair. Hot oil treatments are also easy to do at home and can infuse frizzy hair with moisture and shine to give you those silky strands you long for. 

5. Blow-dry the proper way

Air drying your hair may take more time, but it’s good to unplug often by skipping the heating tools and letting your hair dry as naturally as possible. If you must blow-dry, do it the right way. Try to evenly distribute heat so that you are not overheating small sections of hair at one time. Consider using the blow dryer on a cool setting and drying the roots only to get some moisture out and avoid frizzy ends.

Also, remember to blow-dry the strands in a downward direction so you’ll get evenly smooth and silky hair. Using the cool setting on your hair blow-dryer will also help set the shape and provide extra shine.

6. Use hair serum and spray

Applying a serum is one of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain softness, create shine, and tame frizz. Top it all off and keep your hair as smooth as it can be by spritzing on a light hairspray for that fantastic shine. Beautiful, naturally silky, smooth, and shiny hair is every woman’s dream. Use these tips and tricks to achieve those gorgeous locks in no time.

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