Birthing during a pandemic
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Birthing during a pandemic? All you need to know

Going through pregnancy and childbirth is an emotion in itself. A lot of thoughts conflict every day until the child is born safely. However, conceiving and birthing during the pandemic is the next level altogether. With fewer medical facilities available for the number of people being affected, it’s being worrisome for every birth giver to visit the hospital for the delivery.

Birthing during a pandemic
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The idea of visiting the hospital is getting chills down the spine for many couples. They want to have a safe birth but do not want to jeopardize either mother’s or the child’s health. Many are opting to consult doulas and other independent birth professionals to help with their child’s delivery. It comes to light because of further implications that the hospitals are posing on the general public while admitting pregnant women. So, the public is trying to avoid the hospitals for this and numerous other reasons.

Here are some tips to understand your options,

Know your options

Though Covid-19 is still prevalent around the globe, health organizations and institutions have upgraded themselves enough to ensure the safety of the people who are not affected by Corona. They are following stricter norms for sanitization and gearing the health workers’ with upgraded equipment. So you can call your doctor or doula and get to know the norms that your specific hospital is following.

Thanks to the internet we get more information to make the best choice out of the available options. Get to know more information from different hospitals and keep your options open. Due to pandemic, most couples are preferring to deliver the child within the comforts of their home. Thus, home-births are becoming more popular as the risk of getting infected is significantly lower.

However, there is extra care taken should you choose to deliver at the hospital. The doctors and nurses will be wearing protective gear and masks. You will be required to get enough supplies that last until you are discharged as your supports wouldn’t be allowed to leave the premises. You and your child may be tested for Covid-19. And the visitor rules may vary from hospital to hospital.

Contact the professionals 

It is the need for now than ever that people want to seek professional help online to understand their options. It is easier to contact a doula than to run to the hospital and figure out that the staff is not available. Since the world has gone virtual, it is easier for us to get a professional’s help who isn’t physically near us. But how do we get in touch with them?

You can use online tools that help you find the email addresses of the professionals you’re looking for. is an AI-powered tool with a massive database. You can access the official email contact of anyone around the world. It also comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin wherein you can find the contacts of the profiles you search on this media platform.

By connecting to different organizations and doctors, you will know the rules and regulations that every institution follows and select the one that resonates best with your interests.

Facts you need to know!

No matter how prepared you are, there are always some facts that we miss out on. So, here are some of those facts and fundamental rights that can help during your childbirth.

  • Regardless of the situation, the mother has the same rights as anyone else during the child’s birth.
  • She has the right to have a positive birth experience whether she is infected with Covid-19 or not.
  • She has the right to have her caretaker present while birthing.
  • She has the right to choose her maternity care hospital as well as the doctor.
  • You can revoke any additional restrictions that a hospital imposes as long as they are following the generic rules recommended by WHO or CDC
  • She has the right to breastfeed the baby. There hasn’t been enough research that suggests Covid transmission through breastmilk. In fact, breastmilk immunizes the child from various infections.
  • Whether infected or not, it is the mother’s choice to keep the child with her immediately after the delivery.

So here is all the information you need to know before making any conscious decision for your child’s birth. May all the expectants have a safe and sound delivery.

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