Managing Children on Your Wedding
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Managing Children on Your Wedding Day

Children are one of the reasons why we have cute ring bearers and little brides throwing rose petals around the aisle. Their child-like wonder and innocence add a nice touch to the compassionate union of two people. But, let’s face it—they can be the most unpredictable guests to have at your wedding.

Managing Children on Your Wedding
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Putting children on your guest list is a matter of preference. Some are dazzled by the thought of having kids running around freely in cute little dresses and suits. They make the perfect addition to your wedding photos, especially if they are your nieces and younger sibs. However, some might see it as an inconvenience rather than a fun idea.

In the child’s curious eye, though, everything is a playground—even your wedding. So you have to be extra prepared if you choose to invite kids to your wedding. Remember, you’re not just simply putting them as your guest. You must also be ready to accommodate and manage their enjoyment and comfortability during your wedding day. 

Managing children, on top of all the stress, during your wedding day is hard if you are doing it alone. It is why hiring a wedding planner is essential in keeping your day stress-free. So, after careful deliberation, we’ve come up with a few tips you can refer to if you choose to include little ones on your special day.

Choose which part of the day to include the kiddos.

Before sending that invite, finalize when you want the children to be in your program. You have to define their role in the wedding. Are they going to be a part of your entourage? Will they be carrying around your wedding blings? Or are they limited to being at the reception only? Plan with your wedding organizer in the best possible way the children fit in your wedding plans.

Ensure that your venue is child-friendly.

It is relevant to consider the age of the kids you are putting on your guest list. The general rule is to make things as easy and stress-free for everybody. So, if you know that the venue is unsuitable for younger children who tend to go around unsupervised, it’s best not to invite them to the actual ceremony at all. It’s better to prevent the risks that could happen instead of stressing over a child falling over as you deliver your vows to each other.

Delegate a station for children in your reception area.

Yes, having children during the party can make you (and some guests) cool. (Who wouldn’t with their cute little tutu dresses and bow ties?) But you must also make sure that your other guests are comfortable, too. To ensure that children are enjoying and not getting in the way of the program, delegate a station made just for them. It doesn’t have to be grand. You can ask your wedding planner to prepare a simple play booth where kids can play safe and within the eye-shot of their parents. Be creative! Cover the children’s table with paper where they can draw or color. This way, you can get their attention to do something, instead of running around the reception area.

Make sure that children wear light clothing.

Comfort over style. Kids in younger age groups are prone to irritability. Make sure that their dress choices are not itchy or too fit. Ask your wedding planner to prepare the kids’ clothes as light and flowy as possible to prevent them from tripping over or starting the waterworks when they start to get uncomfortable. You don’t want grumpy children at your wedding party—they can affect the experience of your wedding day. So, go for comfy to stay worry-free.

Don’t leave kids unattended. 

It is a general rule—and you don’t want to get stuck in the worries that children are up to some mischief every time (yes, they always are). During the significant parts of the ceremony, especially walking down the aisle—your wedding planner can alternatively place kids in between teens. This way, they are comforted that they are accompanied by someone while walking. It will add to their confidence while bearing your rings and flowers—and prevent stage fright. 

However, if a child backs out to walk alone, don’t push them to do it. It may lead to more crying and chaos on your end. It can also be a traumatic experience for the child. Just let them be.

Personalize a wedding giveaway for the kids. 

Wedding giveaways are often uninteresting in a child’s eyes. They won’t be charmed by cute figurines or craft coffee. But you know what they want? Candies. Ask help from your wedding planner to prepare personalized loot bags for the kids who attended your wedding ceremony. After all, they are your guests too.

Final thoughts: Invite children based on your choice. 

Children can be unpredictable. They are at the most curious stage of their lives as they explore and learn more about the world. Having them at your wedding is one of the best ways to introduce them to the forms and beauty of love. All you need to do is take the extra mile to make sure they’re having a fun day, too.

So, if you are willing to take the extra steps to accommodate little angels in your ceremony, then, by all means, invite all the kids you like. But this choice is flexible, and you don’t have to feel pressured if you don’t want to—that’s understandable and alright. You can invite a selected number of kids or make it exclusively for family only. It’s you and your partner’s choice and preference that matter at the end of the day.

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