Healthcare Applications
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6 Mobile Healthcare Applications Your Phone Should Have Installed Today

Today, the healthcare industry has evolved with technology playing a great part in its innovation. Compared to a decade ago, healthcare systems are more advanced and accessible to people nowadays. Developments such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are starting to take over the industry. 

Healthcare Applications
Image source: The Journal of mHealth

Largely because of the pandemic lockdown, some aspects of healthcare were moved to the digital setting. Virtual healthcare systems are now popular among the public. Businesses and organizations started to hire HIPAA compliant outsourcing partners since patient information is digitized for telemedicine and virtual care purposes and such health information needs to be privatized

Of course, when discussing the latest healthcare technologies, you can’t miss mobile apps or mHealth. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mHealth is “the use of mobile and wireless technologies to support the achievement of health objectives.” With mHealth, you use smartphone and tablet apps to capture your own health data without the assistance and interpretation of clinicians. 

If you’d like to explore which apps you should install, around 350,000 digital health apps are available across marketplaces. To help you trim down your choices, here’s a list of the best healthcare apps you should consider. 


With the MDLIVE app, you can connect to a doctor, pediatrician, or therapist live wherever you are and whenever you need them. The app offers virtual doctor visits 24/7, which means you can reach out to medical professionals on holidays, nights, weekends, and after hours. 

In addition to medical doctors, MDLIVE also offers fast and convenient access to board-certified psychiatrists, licensed therapists, and dermatology services. If you need to consult with an MDLIVE doctor, the average waiting time is under 15 minutes.

  • 8fit

Easily plan your fitness and nutrition with the 8fit app. This app offers personalized meal plans, uncomplicated recipes, and customized workouts. When you use 8fit, you’ll be able to record your dietary preferences, determine your wellness goals, and measure your fitness levels.

The world of nutrition and fitness is complex, so 8fit aims to walk with you hand-in-hand through it by explaining proper exercise forms, providing ingredient alternatives for recipes, and offering a grocery shopping list for meals. 

  • Ovia Health

Aside from fitness, diet, and general healthcare, women’s health is also important. A baby due date countdown app, Ovia Health contains everything you need to track your pregnancy journey. The app offers weekly size comparisons to a fruit or vegetable to let you see how your baby grows. 

Ovia Health also has many resources that can help expecting mothers, from pregnancy articles to personalized tips. There’s also a calendar where you can log your baby bump photos and doctor appointment reminders. Additionally, you can sync the app with your Apple Health to share your blood pressure and weight data. 

  • PingMD

PingMD is a secure messaging app for both doctors and patients. Doctors use it to manage their patients, grow their network, and get reimbursed. As a patient, you get peace of mind since you have outpatient communication with your doctor. 

If your doctor is on PingMD and suggests you download the app, they usually want to ask you follow-up questions, follow through with your symptom progression, or assist in your disease management. This app allows you to chat with your doctor as you would with a friend, using text messaging and image sharing. 

  • One Drop Mobile

If diabetes and heart health are your well-being priorities, then you should install the One Drop Mobile app. It allows people with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and prediabetes to track all their health data in one place. You can also connect with supportive communities and explore health tips, news, and recipes. 

Additionally, One Drop Mobile offers a One Drop diabetes kit, including a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter that sends readings straight to the app. You don’t have to get the kit to use the app. Alternatively, you can manually enter your data.

  • Eyecarelive

Connect with your virtual eye doctor within an hour with the Eyecarelive app. The app offers easy-access consultations for eye health-related treatments. You can utilize Eyecarelive to ask questions from your doctor about eye allergy, dry eyes, red eyes, or contact lenses from the convenience of your home. 

Unlike other apps, this app connects you with your doctor, not an unknown doctor. Simply type or take a photo or /video of your concern, then send it to your doctor. Within minutes, they can meet with you through video call. Eyecarelive is a free app. However, you’ll need to pay for virtual doctor visits and eye tests. 

mHealth: An Interim Solution to Your Non-Emergency Concerns

If your medical issues aren’t urgent or severe, seeing a doctor isn’t always easy—either you don’t have time to visit a clinic or are in an inaccessible location. Luckily, healthcare systems are conveniently available in your pocket and just a few taps. 

Pandemic or not, mHealth is here to stay. Healthcare applications allow you to monitor your health and consult with a doctor remotely, wherever you may be. You don’t even have to step foot in their office if the matter isn’t critical. 

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