How to Choose a Church in Your Area: Everything to Know

Choosing the right church for you and your family is important for your spiritual growth. The right church will deepen your relationship with God and allow you to discover your unique calling. How do you choose a church if there are many close by to where you live? If you’re looking for ways to decide which church in your area to attend, keep reading for some key tips to making the right choice.

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Pray First

Before beginning your search for a church in your area, pray and ask God to show you where He wants you. While this sounds obvious, it’s easy to let personal preferences lead you, but joining the church that God wants you to, is a first prize choice.

Community Focus

The Bible speaks of Believers as the ‘body of Christ’ of which He is the head. A body is made up of different parts that each perform a function they are shaped to fulfill and together, make a healthy whole. Embracing community is a sign of a healthy church that is likely to welcome you and your family. It’s a good indication that you may find your place there and belong.

Worship as a Priority

One of our main reasons for existing as Believers is to worship our Heavenly Father as a demonstration of our love for Him. Some churches worship with hymns and an organ, while others use new songs and modern instruments. The types of worship don’t matter, as long as worship creates a space for you to connect with God, love, honor, and receive from Him.

Bible-Based Teaching

When it comes to the sermon, does the minister preach from the truth contained in the Bible, or does he say good things that aren’t related to scripture? The Bible is foundational to what we believe and it must be the departure point for everything that is taught. Bible-based teaching will open up gems of Truth such as the meanings of God’s name, as found here: Knowing God’s names as stated in the Bible, and discovering what they mean for you builds your faith and trust in Him.

Ministries and Programs

Finding a church that focuses on ministries and programs that resonate with your heart can help you fulfill the mission that God has for you. While some churches focus on helping the poor, others may focus on leadership development or run a healing ministry. If you find a church with a heartbeat that matches yours, you will be able to fulfill your personal calling while being part of serving the vision of the church.

How to Choose A Church That You’ll Love

Once you’ve prayed, identify churches in your area and visit their websites. Read their mission statements and vision to get a feel for what they are all about. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, choose a church to visit each week for a service. You’ll soon find the one that feels like home.

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