Marriage Proposal Checklist
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Marriage Proposal Checklist For Her To Say Yes

After the early years of fun, excitement, and daring romance, there comes a time when we realize that we have grown up in love. We are ready for the next steps in life. We finally find ourselves ready to settle in: buy a house, have kids (or pets), and grow old with our significant others. Especially when we’ve decided that we are not only 100% compatible with our partners but we just know deep down that we are made for them.

Marriage Proposal Checklist
Image source: Unplash

In that case, you’re probably thinking about popping the question anytime soon, but are you ready? If you’re a little unsure, don’t worry, here’s a checklist on some things to make sure that you can give her the best marriage proposal she just can’t say no to!

1. Create a romantic and memorable setting 

The setting dictates the mood. You may want to find a place that is romantic and dreamy. It is, after all, where you ask her the most important question of your life. Some couples are sentimental and they propose at the place where they first met. Some people propose at their significant other’s dream destination. There are a lot of places where you can go to propose, which is guaranteed to give you that romantic vibe you would want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to go a little extra. Don’t worry it’s not corny, it’s sweet! 

It’s also important to take into consideration the other smaller details that add up to the overall atmosphere of the venue; do you propose to her outdoors or indoors? At sunset after a long day, or in the morning after an early walk? These little things matter too, you don’t want to propose in the middle of the day in a park when the sun is blazing hot. Make sure that your venue’s vibe is relaxing, comfortable, and romantic.  

2. Have mementos of your early years around 

This suggestion is related to the previous one. Have mementos of your early years present around when you propose. Have the first teddy bear you gave her on the side when you get on one knee or do it over a cup of the first coffee flavor you had when you first dated. 

Everybody loves a trip down memory lane, it would help you both reminisce about your past and see how far you’ve come, and it would excite you on what the future holds for the both of you. 

3. Choose the people to share the moment with

You don’t want to force her into marrying you. Especially if the topic of marriage was never brought up ever before. Of course, this is a surprise. While you were busy mustering up the courage to ask her for days or maybe even months, she had no idea that you were going to ask her. She will be trying to digest this whole idea of engagement and eventually marrying you. Having privacy to process all the happenings would be helpful, as this is not a simple choice after all, and she wants to make sure she’s doing it right. 

With this, it would be great to create a safe space when you propose. Some couples like to invite their closest friends and families to witness the proposal. The involvement of loved ones can even enrich the atmosphere of approval and trust. (which certainly helps in knowing that to accept is the right decision). It’s important that she has an assurance that whatever she decides on the proposal, she would be understood and respected.  

Other couples would prefer to have this moment on their own, and that’s okay too. What matters is that the people involved in this very special moment are trusted, loved, and welcomed by both of you. 

EXTRA TIP: Have a secret accomplice who hides the whole time and takes a photo of the genuine reaction of the couple as she says yes.  These photos could be a great way to preserve your memories, so a secret photographer can also be one to consider when thinking about the people to invite. 

4.Look for a meaningful engagement ring 

Before anything else, be sure that you get her a meaningful engagement ring. The ring is the star of your proposal, it’s the symbol of your bond and promise to her. It represents your relationship. One of the things that we consider when looking for an engagement ring is its beauty, but that’s not the most important thing. Dazzle does not necessarily equate to meaning!

What matters more is if it suits you and your future fiance. Look for a ring that reminds you of her the minute you look at it. It would be great to have a “That’s the one!” moment. So don’t rush this process, take all the time you need  just make sure that you get one that reminds you of her and your relationship. There is a lot of variety of rings out there, with time and effort you’ll find the one that’s perfect for you both. 

5. Be honest about your feelings

At the end of the day, all you want to do is to give your sweetheart the best marriage proposal you can give her, but this tip is the most important one yet. Remember that she loves you not because of anything else but because of you. She loves you for the man you are, and if she sees that man get on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him, how can she say no?


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