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Mix Function with Style: Tips for Wear the Athleisure Trend Everyday

Athleisure is simply casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. The style is a favorite among younger people or busy businessmen and women during their after-work hours, and even celebs. Follow our simple tips and you too will be able to rock tights at lunch with friends.

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Mix athletic and non-workout clothes

It is always a good idea to mix a bit of non-athletic pieces into your outfit. You can get away with wearing leggings and a crop top if you add a bomber jacket, a denim jacket (with a more modern silhouette), or even a varsity jacket. That said, you can always change into jeans or denim shorts to go with the crop top or even a sports bra. It is all about elevating the rest of your outfit, and avoid looking like you walked out of the gym still winded and onto the street. Even a decent-looking bag will do the trick.

Do keep it fresh

Remember athleisure only works if it looks like it was deliberately styled, not as if you just finished a workout, messy hair and all. This also means that your footwear should look clean and fresh. One impression you do not want to give off is that you are unclean and smelly, this is why it is important for all your clothes to be wrinkle-, stain-, odor-free, even your sneakers. Try to avoid the overly-techy models of trainers for everyday wear, they are usually bright and very hard to pull off even at the gym. The best advice is to stick to more retro-looking models, that are minimalistic and meant for leisure, not so much for the gym or running. This also includes body odor. You DO NOT want to smell bad in any clothes, especially in athleisure, for the reasons listed above. Make sure that you carry deodorant with you at all times and that you shower after an especially difficult workout.

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Choose the right tights

A staple in women’s athleisure, tights can make or break your outfit. If you wear the wrong kind, your outfit can look a bit awkward. The type of tights you should aim for is usually made with a bit of nylon, less spandex. Spandex is usually shiny and tights with a high percentage of spandex tend to look techy and too sporty. The most perfect multifunctional women’s tights are made from a mixture of both materials. Nylon adds firmness, it is opaque, and it sculpts your curves, while spandex adds elasticity and smoothness. My advice would be to stick to neutral, pastel, and dark colors since they are the easiest to combine in an outfit. Make sure that they are high-waisted, so you feel supported throughout the day.

Don’t wear hi-tech fabrics

Hi-tech fabrics simply look out of place outside of the gym or track. You are more likely to look as if you have just stepped off the treadmill, without changing or showering after. They are unusual materials, often meant to be layered, so they could be hard to combine with non-workout gear, like jeans. The colors are bright and shiny, and the materials have a unique texture. Compression tech pants are difficult to rock even in the gym, so be certain that they simply look weird and inappropriate.

Stick to a neutral palette 

Always remember that a neutral palette will go a long way. Soft neutrals are the easiest to combine with non-activewear. Bright-colored clothes like neon tights or electric tops can be very difficult to style in a fashionable way. This also goes for trainers, since running shoes, or any other sport-specific models (like CrossFit or lifting trainers) look simply inappropriate when worn outside of training. The techy look is very difficult to pass as casual wear, and the colors are often too crazy to tame.

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Mix Function with Fashion

Nail the athleisure look by mixing function with fashion, both in terms of the athleisure pieces you buy and how you integrate them into your regular wardrobe. By mixing your gym outfits into your everyday outfits, you reduce the amount of clothes you have to keep in your wardrobe, maximizing their usefulness. The number of your outfits increases, and you prioritize quality over quantity. By blending fashion pieces such as jeans, a leather jacket, or heels with activewear pieces such as sneakers, sweat pants, or a sports bra, you’ll create a well-balanced look. Likewise, by keeping an eye out for athleisure pieces that are comfortable and sports-inspired yet stylish and chic, you’ll be sure to invest in only the best items.

Dress for the Occasion

Bear in mind that not every occasion is suitable for athleisure wear. While a coffee with friends is perfectly adequate for rocking a fashionable tracksuit with chunky jewelry, you would be out of place in an office setting. As a rule, the more formal the occasion or location, the more fashionable (ready-to-wear) your outfit should be. The more casual the occasion, however, the more functional (activewear) you can dress.

Athleisure has been gaining popularity, and is now almost a staple style, especially among younger people. Simply put, it maximizes the number of your outfits with minimal amounts of different clothing items, it is comfortable and is quite easy to achieve. Just follow our tips to help you.

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