Wedding Ideas That Break Tradition

For the majority of people, weddings are all about tradition. This means that breaking away from tradition is the simplest way to make your wedding stand out. Now, does standing out always have a positive connotation? If you do it properly, it can definitely go in this direction.

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You see, you aim to make your wedding unique, special, and completely personalized. Here are a couple of ideas that you can use to break out of the shackles of a traditional wedding and make something completely unique – something entirely yours.

1. Organize the first look

There’s a tradition that the bride and a groom aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding ceremony. Still, other than customs and superstition, there’s no real benefit to this tradition. In fact, it prevents you from getting an honest opinion from your partner. Moreover, in these scenarios, their opinion is probably supposed to carry the most weight.

You can even take a step further. Instead of seeing your partner for the first time at the altar, why not organize the first look. This way, you can see your bride/groom-to-be for the first time in a more intimate setting and environment.

Also, this gives you an opportunity to walk down the aisle together. This is quite symbolic when it comes to your future life as equals. After all, why shouldn’t a groom get his big entrance, as well? All in all, the options are numerous, but traditions aren’t easy to part with.

2. Change the wedding cake

Another thing you want to consider is introducing a change or two to your wedding cake. In fact, some couples have even decided to do away with the cakes in their entirety. Sure, this means that you’ll also do away with the wedding cake cutting, which, truth be told, a lot of people consider to be the most annoying wedding tradition to begin with.

Instead, some people go for a tower of donuts. Moreover, you don’t even have to go for something edible. Some of the most unique ideas were definitely going for a wedding piñata filled with little bags of chocolate.  

It’s fun, it’s different, and, most important of all, it’s memorable. This is probably the first cake-less wedding that they’ll attend, which means that they will carry these memories for a while. Also, just think about the photos that you’re going to produce here.

3. Cocktail hour games

Another unique idea that you can go for is organizing some wedding cocktail hour games. If you really want to go in a different direction with your wedding, you can organize anything from table tennis to the giant garden Jenga. At other parties, you’ll see a life-sized chess field, where wedding guests are supposed to act as figurines.

You see, a wedding is supposed to be all about having a good time with the people you care about the most. The problem lies in the fact that, in an attempt to make everything perfect, you’ll actually lose this from sight. Everyone will be so afraid of messing up the ceremony that they’ll feel tense rather than relaxed.

Remember, it’s your big day, but it’s not just your day. Try to make everyone feel comfortable and find a way to entertain them so that you can help them relax. A good choice of cocktail hour games can help you out in that endeavor.

4. Break away with uniforms

Making your bridesmaids or groomsmen wear identical clothes is outdated. Sure, it’s a part of a tradition, but it’s not a tradition that ever really made sense. Not everyone can pull off every color, and everyone’s body type is different. Why not allow everyone to choose their own apparel? This will also be more body-positive, even though a lot of your invitees will rush to lose some weight before the wedding.

As we’ve already mentioned, trying to make your wedding too ceremonial can kill the fun. Even in clothes of their own choosing, they can still look cohesive. Just remember that cohesive and monochrome are not synonyms.

Just think about the nature of your social circle – everyone has their own quirks, preferences, and traits. Why force them to wear uniforms on this very day? Isn’t it better to let everyone be who they are? This way, your wedding will be more representative of your future life together. It’s a minor piece of symbolism but still there, nonetheless.

5. Puppy ring bearer

Now, a lot of couples live with a pet, and it’s only fair to allow this member of the household to become an active part in this ceremony. Such an act would mean the world to everyone, your puppy included.

Instead of entrusting this task to a traditional ring bearer, train your favorite furry friend to do it. The training process itself is a lot simpler than you would expect it to be. Overall, it’s something worth considering. Needless to say, you also want to include their character in this consideration.

Not only is this unique and inclusive, but it’s also completely adorable. You’re guaranteed to get quite a few gasps, and it will look amazing on the tape.

In Conclusion

In the end, it’s important to balance these things out, as well. Unique and different may sound like decent goals, but you don’t really want to go all-in on them. Unique doesn’t mean good, and different doesn’t mean better. The key thing is that you free yourself from the shackles of tradition when planning this wedding. This way, you’ll get more creative freedom, as well as an option to make a wedding that’s truly fit for you and your future partner.

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