Parenting Advice for Single Dads

Divorce may be on a downward trend overall, but interest in divorce rose 34% during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’ve recently divorced or are going through one now, you may feel alone.

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Good advice is hard to come by, and no matter your marriage, adjusting to life as a single dad is a challenge.

Newly single dads need help, and we have you covered. Read on for some expert parenting advice and single father tips that help you maintain a healthy relationship with your children.

Create a Sustainable Work Schedule

Americans, especially men, are taught to prioritize work from a very young age. We all need to work to support ourselves and our children, but being a single dad is different from co-parenting. It would be best if you had work flexibility to meet your children’s needs.

Talk to your boss and work out a schedule that works for you and your children. If this isn’t possible, it’s time to think about a job that will allow it. That sounds too simple, but employers who won’t meet your scheduling needs as a single parent aren’t worth your time and energy.

Ask For Help

The old saying is that it takes a village to raise children. That may sound like a cliche, but it’s so true. As a single father, you won’t be able to raise your kids alone.

You will need help and support, whether finding someone to watch your kids if you have a late work night or someone to commiserate with about parenting.

Work on building a neighborhood and familial support system that ensures the health and safety of your children and preserves your mental health.

Don’t Speak Ill of Your Ex

You may feel justified in speaking poorly of your ex-wife. A split is full of emotional turmoil, and starting over after divorce requires a lot of mental processing.

That said, your ex is still the mother of your children. And no matter what happened between you that led to a divorce, she still deserves respect for that.

Refrain from this kind of negative talk, especially around your children. Your boys learn it’s ok to disrespect women, and your girls know they are inferior. Neither is valid or appropriate lessons.

Plan Activities

Community engagement is crucial to building your support system. It’s also vital that your kids reestablish a sense of place in the world after such a traumatic, life-changing event.

Planning single dad trips are crucial. But to give your kids a sense of place and belonging, take them to local community activities. Doing so gives you and your children an anchor of belonging.

Parenting Advice for Single Dads

Are you recently divorced? A divorce is traumatic enough, but transitioning to life as a single dad can make it much more challenging.

You are not an island, and you can’t do it yourself. Follow this parenting advice and engage with your support system and community to help both you and your children.

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