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Skin Care Routine: What Are Good Tips To Know?

There are thousands of options in a skincare routine, some as simple as washing your face with cool water and some complex enough to take an hour or more. What do you need to know about developing a skincare routine that will work for you? Here are some tips that are good to know.


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Pick a Routine that You’ll Actually Do

A skincare routine won’t do you any good if you never actually do it. It may sound good in theory to include multiple steps to your routine but in the reality of your busy life, you may find yourself skipping steps or skipping the routine altogether. 

Skin routines can be effective while requiring very different amounts of time, but it is important that when you choose a routine you adhere to every step of it. You will use different products if you expect to only take a few minutes to do the routine than if you are expecting a routine that could last an hour or more.

If you are worried about a routine taking too long, look for products that can do double duty, prioritize the products that your skin type needs most, and relegate some routines to weekly or monthly instead of every day.


It is essential that you clean your skin at least in the morning and evening in order to remove impurities, both contaminants from outside and oils that have come from your pores over time. If you do not clean your face regularly, you will be more likely to experience an acne breakout. Fine lines and wrinkles may also develop more easily thanks to the continued presence of free radicals on your skin. You may also find that your skin is very dry or oily. Here is what your skin cleaner should be able to do:

  •     Remove dirt and pollutants
  •     Eliminate every last trace of make-up quickly and easily
  •     Make your skin glowing and moisturized

In order to find the best skin cleanser that will meet your needs without being too harsh on your skin, look for a cleanser that has these elements:

  •     Natural, since natural ingredients are both potent and safe
  •     Free of harsh chemicals and ingredients that could irritate your skin
  •     Safe for all skin types, especially sensitive skin


Your skin is constantly producing new skin cells, but you won’t be able to see this beautiful, glowing skin if it is blocked by a layer of dead, dull skin cells. Exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin so that new skin can grow. Furthermore, exfoliation goes deep into the pores to clean out debris and oil so that you are less likely to have an acne breakout. Your exfoliant should:

  •     Go deep into pores so that pores are visibly cleaner and smaller after exfoliation
  •     Not irritate your skin or leave it red
  •     Leave your skin fresh and glowing, not dry

The best exfoliator for you will have an exfoliating ingredient that is appropriate for your skin type. If you have more sensitive skin, you may need a more gentle exfoliant, while if you have robust skin that is prone to acne you may choose a stronger exfoliant.


Moisturizer keeps your skin from becoming dry, but it has so many more jobs than this. Moisturizer allows ingredients to stay on your skin for much longer than when you clean or exfoliate, which allows beneficial ingredients to be absorbed into your skin. Moisturizers may contain antioxidants to fight free radicals and it may encourage collagen production to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Your moisturizer should:

  •     Leave skin soft, supple, and moist, not oily or greasy
  •     Clear your skin of free radicals and encourage the production of collagen
  •     Reduce the size of pores without clogging them

The best moisturizer for your uses will give you more benefits than just moisture but won’t make your skin oily or greasy. You may choose to invest in a moisturizer for the day and the night since your skin has different needs when you are active or sleeping.

Start Your Skin Care Routine

Everybody needs a skin care routine if you expect your skin to remain healthy and beautiful. Your routine doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective. Start a skincare routine that you will actually stick to today. 

By Krisna Garcia (an aspiring writer from California, looking to grow her portfolio and build her specialization and expertise on beauty, lifestyle and health)

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