Taking a Brief Look at the Latest Social Media Content Trends of 2022

Today, 72% of American adults use some social media platform. This includes everything from Facebook to Snapchat, YouTube to TikTok, and so on. Each site constantly updates and/or adds new features to engage its audience.

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This enables users to flaunt new trends, share different aspects of their lives, plus entertain themselves. As such, it becomes difficult to keep up with everything new that goes on.

Fortunately, we break down some of the hottest new social media content in this article to stay savvy and informed.

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The Creator Economy

Content creators make goods, services, or products for others to use, view, or read. This includes YouTubers, bloggers, freelancers, and more. Prepare for our creator population to skyrocket as we progress toward a more digitalized world.

Social media platforms support this boom, as they implement new tools for creators to connect with brands, sponsors, and each other. These additions help streamline marketing efforts, so no one has to search, what is social media SEO.

Time for TikTok

TikTok has become more than a place to show off some dance moves. It has become a place to show off any content, set new trends, advertise products, and so much else. These short videos aim to catch viewers’ attention while they influence the masses.

TikTok’s videos target and feature the old, the young, and the middle-aged. Many small and large business owners even have teams that solely work on TikTok videos.

Thus, we can only expect TikTok to grow in the coming years.

(Short) Story Time

This next content trend piggybacks off of our last point. Stories, or short film snippets, have become huge, thanks to TikTok. Several other social media platforms have adopted some short film equivalent (YouTube, Instagram, etc.).

Various brands have taken full advantage of this feature as they use it to spread awareness, make PSAs, and increase brand loyalty with some goofy fun. This innovative marketing technique shares the desired message in under a minute, while we often remember it for much longer if catchy enough.

Fun and Filter-Free

2022 has become a time where we hype authenticity.

Content creators, influencers, and casual users alike aim for more natural shots in their feeds. This obviously means discarding filters, but also includes going without make-up, capturing something in-the-moment, and emphasizing casual over formal wear.

Different types of marketing techniques accomplish similar results as they try to relate more with the audience.

This trend encourages us to create content that stays honest and true to ourselves.

Social Media Content Trends as a Whole

Overall, social media content and its trends continue to evolve all the time. Still, the proper knowledge can benefit a large or small business owner and optimize sales.

We can use such content for various purposes, but one thing’s for sure: they’re here to stay.

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