Money cannot buy contentment. Do you believe what you just read? Because you should. Money can only bring you a certain amount of comfort. But after a while, you feel there’s more to life than working mindlessly for material comfort. Be more giving if you seek a meaningful life.


To become more giving, you might want to identify the needs of those around you. Listen to their concerns and offer assistance where possible. Volunteer your time or resources to a cause that aligns with your values. Practice empathy and put yourself in the shoes of others. One must make giving a habit by incorporating it into one’s daily routine.

Pay Attention:

Charity begins at home. Therefore, you should be kind to the people around you. If you can’t love your neighbors, you most definitely cannot love God. When someone shares their concerns and worries with you, instead of giving them advice, listen to them with empathy. Most of the time people don’t need advice but they want someone to listen to their worries. 

Volunteering at a kids’ hospital:

Volunteering allows you to make a difference in the lives of children who are facing health challenges. Compared to theirs, your problems in life seem less important; it humbles you and forces you to see the bigger picture. By volunteering, you can provide emotional support to patients and their families, help with activities and events, and assist hospital staff with various tasks.

Help The Homeless:

Homelessness is a major issue affecting many people around the world. There are several ways to help homeless people. You can offer your time and money to help the homeless. They often need care and attention. You can provide them with hot meals and fresh clothing. You might also want to work with organizations that work for the betterment of these homeless people.

These homeless shelters require volunteers to help out in the kitchen and distribute the food to the homeless. You can assist in serving meals, organizing donations, and providing support to those in need. Furthermore, raising awareness about homelessness is important. Educating others about the issue can help to reduce stigma and increase support for the homeless. 

Donate Tissue And Blood:

Tissue donation can help those in need of skin grafts, bone grafts, and heart valve replacements. Blood donation helps people who suffer blood loss due to accidents, surgery, or medical conditions. By donating tissue, organ, and blood, you significantly impact someone’s life. One tissue donor can help up to 75 people, while one blood donation can save up to three lives.

You may find out more about the Gift of Life, organ and tissue donation in Michigan and know how you may help people in your community.  Furthermore, donating tissue and blood is a safe and easy process. Tissue and organ donation is typically done after death and does not affect funeral arrangements. While blood donation only takes about an hour and the body makes up for the blood loss within a few weeks. 

Just as it is important to be kind to others, it is equally important to be forgiving and kind to yourself. If you don’t forgive yourself for your past mistakes, it will be hard for you to move on and lead a healthier life. So, let this be your mantra for life: Be kind & Giving. 

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