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The Best 7 Online Dating Advice for Beginners

Dating, be it online or physical, can be challenging. If you prefer finding your partner through the internet, below are online dating tips to keep in mind.

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Getting into the dating world might seem exciting at the beginning as you look forward to exploring a new world of possibilities. Without a doubt, online dating is currently on the rise, with approximately one-third of current marriages starting online. However, unlike physical dating, online dating presents a wide array of challenges for beginners. The first tip is to set up your profile in one of the best hookup sites available. Leverage various tips for a complete profile and check out the following online dating tips for success.

1. Make Your Profile Stand Out

While this may sound like an obvious tip, creating an outstanding profile on dating sites is an essential online dating tip that most people ignore. Just like physical appearance and other tips during the first date, an outstanding profile will easily attract your potential date. Fortunately, completing your profile is very easy, with many available tips.

You should avoid using typical online dating profile phrases, such as “I like movies” or “looking for a funny person.” Such phrases will not help capture your natural and interesting personality. The tip is to explore deeply and describe various events you participate in or what you like doing. The more clearly you describe, the higher the chances of finding a compatible partner with the same interests.

As part of this online dating tip, your profile should have clear and suitable pictures. Your pictures are the attention grabbers when it comes to online dating; first-impressions always matter. Uploading the wrong picture might lead to zero responses.

Since most people looking for online dating tips naturally read profiles, consider the following beginner online dating tips when taking your photos for online dating tips to really work:

  • Smile generously
  • Make your face clearly visible in one of the pictures
  • Include both headshots and full-body shots
  • Upload one activity-related photo. This could be a picture of you doing any simple outdoor activity.
  • Avoid pouting. Online dating should be fun, and pouting will make you appear so serious.
  • Avoid excessive filters. Otherwise, nobody will believe that you look like the pictures.

Another significant advice that comes in handy when creating your profile is including a bio. Most beginners avoid the bio section, which is the appropriate place to market your personality. Therefore the best tip is to add a link to your Facebook or Instagram account.

2. Make Time for Engagements

One of the reasons why most people prefer online dating to physical dating is the lack of time. Therefore, creating time for engagement is a vital online dating tip for those strapped for time. Undoubtedly, juggling between work commitments, family obligations, and social life can take much of your time. This is why among the best online dating tips for men and women is to pick one dating site that can ease your search.

Some dating sites analyze your work schedule and use matchmaking algorithms to pick a suitable number of matches that you can handle every day. This eliminates the tedious work of swiping left and right, which is the standard for most dating sites. The matchmaking algorithms used by advanced dating sites, such as Elite Singles, matches you to the most compatible partners.

With the matches selected, all you have to do is read through the selected profiles and send out your first messages. For better success, check out online dating tips when sending the first message. Some of the sure online dating tips first message examples you can use include:

  • Hey, how’s your week going on so far?
  • I think you are amazing. Want to chat sometime?

3. Keep Safe

Staying safe is among the many safe online dating tips when looking for a partner on the internet. Fortunately, it is a requirement by all the dating sites that you provide honest information on your profile. While this is good, it can expose innocent people to scammers and cybercriminals.

Even though most dating sites verify personal accounts individually, it doesn’t eliminate these risks. That said, some of the safety online dating tips for women and men to remain safe on these platforms include:

·  Question unrealistic profiles

You should highly doubt proposals from profiles with unrealistic information. For instance, you should be skeptical of a 22-year old pharmacist or a stockbroker claiming that money is not important in life. For safety purposes, avoid contact with such profiles. The tip here is to use common sense.

·  Protect your personal information

Being careful with your personal information is also among the top online dating tips. It is certainly natural to be overly curious over someone you meet through the internet. If you want to learn more about them, most people prefer calling them to hear the voice behind the messages. You might consider checking out some guides for a successful first phone call for online dating tips for this.

However, before sharing any personal information, such as an email or phone number, keep in mind that you cannot retract shared information. For this, the tip is to proceed if you are certain and feel comfortable sharing personal details. Suspect something if your partner is overly demanding about such information. You should also watch out for users who send private email addresses and links to external websites during your first interaction. 

·  Avoid financial requests

Avoiding sending money or asking for money is among the modern online dating tips. Cease contact with profiles that offer to send you money or ask for money on the first contact. Such actions are indicators of fraudulent accounts.

You should watch out for more online dating tips to keep your safety as you search for a potential partner online. 

4. Be Honest About Your Real Life and Open-Minded

As mentioned in the above tips, honesty is the best policy, and among the crucial online dating tips for women not to get heartbroken. To maintain your profile, always upload pictures showing your real day-to-day life. While it can be tempting to fib about being a loner or knowing more than one language, the lie will eventually catch up with you.girl sitting with laptop on the bed

This modern romance online dating tip goes hand in hand with the importance of being yourself. While this may sound like a simple tip, forgetting it is easy once you immerse in a romantic whirlwind. The key tip to being yourself is understanding what you want from your potential partner and the relationship. Factor in your future plans, ultimate goals, and values.  

Open-mindedness is another essential online dating tip for beginners. This tip becomes apparent once you start organizing for a meet-up or a first date. While bars, restaurants, and coffee shops are great places for first dates, they are not inventive. Therefore, plan a date at an art fair, flea market, concert, or a local event. Suggest a date with some differences to capture your partner’s attention.

5. Send Short and Engaging Messages

Another beneficial online dating tip is to avoid extra-long messages. If you haven’t experienced it, long messages are a serious turn-off, especially if your partner is super busy. Most people ignore long messages with the intention of getting back to them later and end up forgetting to reply. Therefore, it is a prudent tip to start by sending short and engaging messages.

This online dating tip means that your message should be a maximum of three lines, direct to the point, and with questions that will keep the conversation alive. Another tip is never to send a follow-up message if someone fails to reply to your last message for several reasons. For starters, if someone is interested, they will eventually reply, even after a week.

smiling man while holding iphone

6. Be Mysterious

Even as most online dating tips encourage honesty, you shouldn’t reveal every bit of your personal information. Mystery is probably one key tip of online dating. The mystery that comes with this form of dating is that men and women get attracted to each other subconsciously. Close to being mysterious, the tip is to avoid revealing your feelings and every thought. Without a doubt, you can’t be in love with someone after exchanging four messages. Also, the person you thought is amazing might not be what you expect. Unfortunately, most people easily idealize people they talk to online. With such feelings, they find themselves revealing too much. This makes you appear weak and unattractive.

7. Cast Your Net Wide

Another excellent online dating tip is to avoid limiting yourself with specifics. The goal of joining a dating site is to open your online dating pool to an infinite number of possible partners. Therefore, just because you matched with one doesn’t mean you should stop searching. While this online dating tip may counter your norms, strike conversations with more than two girls or men at the same time.

Start Online Dating with Confidence

While it may not be obvious, don’t forget to enjoy the experience that comes with online dating. Most people fail in online dating because they missed various online dating tips or were not in the right mind frame for online dating. Once you find your perfect match, don’t be afraid to take things offline. That said, share any other helpful online dating tips you might have in the comments section below.

Authors bio: Rebecca Shinn is a freelance writer and dating and relationship expert with a Psychology degree. Her field of expertise is relationship, dating, and marriage. The important part of Rebecca’s practice is to help couples with communication skills, problem-solving skills, stress management, or finance skills. 

Rebecca started writing 2 years ago to inspire and help people to have a better dating life, strong relationships, or find a way to keep a marriage strong for long years.

With all said above, Rebecca is proud to be a mother and a wife so she doesn’t only use her knowledge for helping others but keeping her family strong and happy.

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