Sustainably Sourced Natural Scents
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What to Look For in Sustainably Sourced Natural Scents

You’ve been doing a revamp on all your makeup and hair products. You want to invest in environmentally friendly and earth-conscious brands that support the planet that you love.

Sustainably Sourced Natural Scents
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Don’t forget to include your perfume purchases in your habit change. From wasteful packaging to unethical ingredient sourcing, some perfumes have a harsh impact on the world.

Finding sustainably sourced perfumes only takes a little extra research. You can find companies whose scents you love and who are taking actionable steps towards reducing the harm they inflict on the world.

But how do you determine what companies are helping the planet? By grading them with the factors listed below. These are just a few considerations to take into account when searching for sustainably sourced products.

Recyclable and Compostable

Many companies are changing how they package and ship products. Cellophane and packing peanuts are especially wasteful packaging habits.

Look for perfumes boxed with recyclable products. Cardboard, paper, and some low-impact or recycled plastic are all acceptable. If it’s biodegradable or compostable, that’s even better.

Refillable Bottles

Another sustainable habit for perfume companies is to sell refillable bottles.

So when you finish the bottle, you can visit the store and get it refilled at a discounted price. You can save money and reduce your waste all in one.

Sustainable Sourcing

Where perfume companies source their ingredients also influences how sustainable they are. Pollution and deforestation are common practices of many industries, including perfume brands.

Research where the oils in your preferred perfume come from. Make sure they are extracted from partner companies and farms that are invested in regrowing the plants and maintaining the natural habitat for local animals.

You can also purchase perfumes that only source from local farms. When the ingredients don’t have to be shipped thousands of miles, it can drastically decrease the carbon footprint for the company.

Fair-Trade and Ethics

There are plenty of ways for beauty companies to shift to Fair-Trade practices and begin buying only from ethical sources.

The minutiae of these practices may differ from company to company. But you can find ones that are committed to the same morals and green manufacturing mission you are.

Investing in the Planet

Contributing a portion of their profits to the right environmental cause is also a way brands are showing customers that they are making an effort.

Some of these causes may be clean drinking water, forest rebuilding, and ocean cleanups. Clean Beauty even partners with the Earth Day organization to protect endangered insects.

Sustainably Sourced to Benefit All

It doesn’t take that much extra time or effort to do a little research on your perfume purchases. And it can make a big difference for the planet.

You can find sustainably sourced perfumes that can replace all of your favorites in no time at all.

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