3 Bra-Fitting Tips Your Breasts Need You to Know

Freddy Zappe, a national fit specialist for Eveden, breaks down a perfect-fitting bra – no more squished or spilling cups allowed!

Brilliant tips for a successful bra shopping trip

1. The centre front of the bra (called the “gore”) should lie flat against the breastbone. This is called “tacking” and will help support the breasts, along with the band.

2. The underwire should sit behind the breast tissue (not on top of it) to ensure that the breasts are fully supported. The underwire should surround the entire breast, with the back end of the wire sitting on the bone behind the breast tissue.

3. The band should fit snugly around the body, like a good hug. It should be snug enough to stay parallel to the floor and, at the same level, around the torso. The most common bra-fitting sinis women wearing their bands too big and their cups too small.

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