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Are Stripes Flattering? If You Follow Our Tips They Are!

Forget the fashion myth that you can’t wear stripes. As a print that’s classic yet modern (and a whole lot of fun), you can – and you should!

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Shop your shape

Take a page from our liner notes: You can wear stripes! And getting in line is easier than ever, as I’ve rounded up all you need to know to confidently shop stripes for your shape, whether you have an inverted triangle, rectangle, hourglass, triangle or oval body shape.

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Stripes flattering for rectangles

There’s no need to despair if you possess a rectangle shape and curves don’t come naturally – all that’s required is a little visual FX. Multidirectional stripes and a classic ladylike silhouette work in tandem to create a figure that’s miles beyond boyish.

Best Health Tip: A carefree mix of finishing touches – casual textiles, sexy shapes, a hint of sparkle – hits the right note, too.

Mac Cain dress, $680 at fashion boutiques.

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Stripes flattering for inverted triangles

Whether you have broad shoulders or a large bust, an inverted triangle shape is identified by top-heavy characteristics. Resist wearing a striped shirt – a linear graphic worn on your bottom half will serve you better. Think vertical and voluminous to catch the eye and draw it downward. North of your navel, use a combo of plunging necklines and contrasting layers to elongate and minimize your width.

Best Health Tip: Make streamlined picks in the accessories department. Classic pumps, a structured bag and a watch with enough flash to double as a bracelet are ideal.

Marshalls jacket, $40 at Marshalls stores.
Michael Michael Kors top, $145 at fashion stores.
Banana Republic pants, $124 at Banana Republic stores.

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Stripes flattering for ovals

The best way to dress around a full midsection? Divide and conquer! Bring together a mix-and-match duo of stripes to join forces and divert attention away from the tummy area. The draped fabrics and compact pleats are all part of the visual slim-down strategy, too. Lean toward extras that feature clean lines, like strappy heels and a luxe tote.

Best Health Tip: Don’t discount a belt – contrary to what it may seem, the emphasis it provides can be instantly transforming.

Winners top, $25 at Winners locations.
Banana Republic skirt, $145 at bananarepublic.com.

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Stripes flattering for triangles

There’s no denying your killer silhouette with fuller hips and thighs. Then you’re a triangle, and you’re not alone. All types of horizontal-striped tops are at your disposal, offering an equalizing effect for your shape, but investing in bright shades and bold lines leads to the best ROI. A pair of trousers with subtle volume through the lower legs will further complement your assets, especially when worn with pointed-toe shoes.

Best health Tip: Let a shoulder bag and dazzling earrings play supporting roles.

Ann Taylor tunic, $90 at anntaylor.com.
Banana Republic pants, $124 at bananarepublic.com.

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Stripes flattering for hourglasses

If you have a defined waistline and shoulders and hips that are evenly aligned, your curves are iconic. Welcome to the hourglass category! Even proportions make it easy to pull off the wildest of stripes without a second thought. A fit and flare dress will kindly enhance your shape.

Best Health Tip: Accessorize with dainty jewels, a boxy cross-body bag and adorned mules, and you can do no wrong.

Ann Taylor dress, $169 at anntaylor.com.

Are Stripes Flattering? If You Follow Our Tips They Are!
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