5 Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

Weddings are stressful—that’s a given. However, they don’t have to be! It might be hard to fathom, but there are ways to alleviate the stress and still have your big day go off without a hitch. From the moment you first become engaged to the second you and your beloved head off to your honeymoon, the entire day can be smooth. Here are five tips to ensure you have a stress-free wedding.

Ring Sizing
One of the most stressful parts of a wedding can occur even before the engagement: the ring. Or more specifically, the ring size. To get your beloved to say “I do,” you need a beautiful ring that fits correctly. While you can’t outright ask what size ring your partner wears, you can find it out in some unique ways.

One way is to borrow a ring they wear regularly and look inside of the ring for the size or take it to a jeweler. If you can’t sneak off with a ring, you can get a piece of paper and trace it. From there, the jeweler can determine the correct size. If those ideas aren’t your cup of tea, you can always ask your partner’s friend or loved one to give you one less thing to worry about!

Set the Date
Set the date as soon as possible. The sooner you know when the big day is happening, the better you can handle the planning and prioritizing. You can set weekly goals to ensure you remain on task ahead of the wedding and not skimming over any critical details. The more time you have, the more you can ensure everything is perfect since you’re not rushing.

Along with this extra time, you might even save a few bucks. You’ll have more time to look for deals and discounts, which can add up over time. When it comes to wedding planning, the best thing you can do is have time on your side. Plus, you certainly won’t mind saving more of your hard-earned cash along the way!

Embrace Delegation
Though it might have been the tradition of years past, the bride isn’t the sole planner for the entire wedding. Like the marriage, the wedding should be a partnership, so both partners should be involved. Sit down together and come up with a list of everything that needs to be done, and split the list.

If one person is a big music lover, let them find the band. The other partner might have a fantastic eye for design, so letting them be in charge of decorations makes perfect sense. However you split the list, think about what works best for each of you. Although it doesn’t have to be a 50/50 partnership, each honey-do list should feel somewhat equitable.

And, if you still need extra help, don’t be afraid to bring in trusted friends and family members to help. They can be great with those tasks that neither of you wants to do, such as stuffing and mailing envelopes. They can also be an extra set of eyes and ears leading up to and on the big day!

Wood Flowers
It’s probably hard to imagine a wedding without flowers. While they’re beautiful and add to the elegance of the day, they can be expensive and a hassle to transport and keep fresh. Make your wedding a lot less stressful by opting for wood flowers. Yes, they are a real thing, and yes, they are gorgeous.

They are made from a plant’s root, which makes them feel like foam. Consequently, when you touch these wooden flowers, they still feel natural. Also, they’re lightweight, which makes them a dream to transport, meaning one less headache. Another huge advantage is you don’t have to search all over for the perfect color. You can simply use a color swatch to ensure the flowers match any palette.

All-Inclusive Weddings
Weddings typically involve a lot of vendors––photographers, videographers, venues, food and bars, entertainment, and the list goes on and on. Instead of spending all your waking hours finding the perfect vendor for each element of your wedding, save yourself time and your sanity by going for an all-inclusive wedding. Now, that’s the ultimate in convenience!

The best thing about going this route is dealing with fewer people. In some instances, you might only have one point person to go through. This cuts down on having to communicate with multiple parties. As a result, this can prevent lapses, where things are overlooked, leading to significant trouble later down the road.

Since these weddings are customizable, you can determine the amenities you want included or not. Also, remember that all-inclusive weddings are packages, making them more cost-efficient than picking a la carte services. Saving money, time, and work—that’s a win-win-win!

Although weddings are time-consuming and can seem overwhelming, if you pause, take a breath, and follow these helpful tips, you, too, can have a stress-free wedding. It’s right within your reach, so all you’ll have to do is enjoy your beautiful, magical day!

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