Fashionable Minimalist Style
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A Practical Guide to Creating a Fashionable Minimalist Style

You’ve probably seen those Instagram models that look absolutely amazing in their effortlessly cool outfits and pieces that look timeless yet modern. Do you like what you see? Many people want to embrace minimalism in fashion but they don’t know how (it can look quite intimidating, it’s true).

Fashionable Minimalist Style
Image source: Unsplash

But, if you know a few tips and are ready to invest in a few staple pieces, you can create your minimalist capsule and combine your pieces into many amazing outfits. Here’s what you need to know about minimalist fashion and which few pieces to invest in: 

Purge your closet

Take a look at your closet and examine the pieces that you already have. Organize your pieces and separate everything into three piles—throw, donate and keep. You will probably want to keep everything, but really think about how often you wear your pieces, how they complement other things in your closet and do they fit into your future minimalist purchases. Things that you love and wear often deserve to stay in your closet. 

Also, just because something was cheap and belongs to the fast fashion trend, it doesn’t mean it has to go. Being minimalist and sustainable means you do your best to minimize your purchases and give love to items you already own. Also, if you find a good tailor, you can mend any broken pieces and save them from the landfill. 

Fashionable Minimalist Style
Image source: Unsplash

Invest in staple pieces

Now comes the fun part, creating your minimalist wardrobe capsule with staple pieces in minimalism. And don’t worry too much about cost. Sure, it’s crucial to invest in quality items from ethical brands and these are always more expensive. However, these items will last much longer, stay fashionable for longer and fit your body better overall—in the long run, they will actually save you money! If you still can’t afford certain brands, you can visit a local second hand shop. Today, secondhand shops are full of amazing pieces that are not worn out or out of fashion, and you can find them for a fraction of the price. 

Two classic tops

Now let’s get into our staple pieces. Most of these staples are unisex, so both women and men can invest and build their own wardrobe. For starters, let’s take a look at a simple white button-down shirt. This piece can be worn in hundreds of ways and paired with everything from dress pants to jeans, worn under sweaters and blazers, styled with shorts or suits, etc. 

Your second must-have is a black turtleneck. This is a great piece of layering, but you can wear it on its own with just a pair of black pants. If it’s cold outside, throw on a blazer or a trench coat. 

Two classic bottoms

People think trousers are reserved for business meetings, but the truth is that they can be dressed down easily if you pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers. And of course, everyone needs a quality pair of blue jeans. And you really only need one pair because if you invest in quality, you’ll get more wear from that one pair than ten other cheap pairs. Today, jeans can be rocked in almost any situation, so you won’t regret your purchase. 

A few accessories

Of course, your minimalist style won’t work well under a bunch of accessories, but one or two accompanying items are a must. For instance, an everyday bag can make your life much easier. Guys can grab a minimalist tote bag (totes for men are very popular today) while girls can opt for a classic black leather bag. If you’re a true minimalist, just look into minimalist wallets that will fit into your pants or jacket pocket without ruining your fit. These sleek wallets hold cards and cash and look very elegant when you reach for them to pay. You can also enrich your look with a ring, a watch or glasses, and voila! 

Fashionable Minimalist Style
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Classic outer layers

One of the most essential minimalist outfit elements is a classic trench coat. A Burberry trench might be a splurge, but it’s never going out of style—buy it today and you’ll wear it forever. If you love an all-black look, a black blazer will be a great outer layer for many of your outfits. If you prefer a more casual style, an oversized fit will look cool and effortless. 

Timeless footwear

Finally, we’ve reached the bottom of your minimalist outfit—the shoes. No matter who you are, a classic pair of white sneakers will not only go with anything but also offer comfort and simplicity. Next, a pair of loafers and a pair of boots are also necessary to complete your outfit all year round. These are forever stylish and worth the investment. 

As you can see, you only need a few staple pieces to start pulling off some amazing minimalist outfits. And once you see how well you look and how good you feel in simple yet quality wear, you’ll switch to minimalism permanently.

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