the Barossa’s best cellar

Ancient vines: the Barossa’s best cellar door experiences

The Barossa Valley is the crown jewel of Australian viticulture, playing host to our oldest grapes and most legendary wineries. Not only is it our most revered wine region, it is also spectacularly beautiful, being the perfect place to experience some of our top cellar doors in some of the most picturesque surroundings!

the Barossa’s best cellar

So, what are the Barossa’s very best cellar door experiences? Where can you enjoy a glass of the very best Barossa Shiraz, Cab Sauv and Semillon in a unique winery setting?

Let’s take a look at the Barossa’s best cellar door experiences below:

  • Peter Lehmann

Peter Lehmann is an absolute Barossa icon, having stayed true to the region’s traditional winemaking ways and not allowing big corporations to spoil its illustrious heritage.

Lehmman, a fifth generation winemaker, also offers a warm and welcoming cellar door experience, with visitors enjoying a sample of each of the label’s 30 world class vintages.

  • Chateau Tanunda

Stunning Chateau Tanunda doesn’t just let you sample its fine wine – it teaches you all about it, too! The chateau provides an immersive learning experience, one that takes you behind the cellar doors and velvet rope and into the place where legendary viticulturists produce some of the country’s best Shiraz.

This awesome tour is sure to teach you a couple of secrets you didn’t know about the winemaking process unless, of course, you too are an expert viticulturist.

  • Jacob’s Creek

There is no other name more synonymous with Australian winemaking than Jacob’s Creek. This world famous label can be found in bottle shops and wine bars from Adelaide to LA and far beyond.

A winery with such a famous heritage could only throw up a pretty fabulous cellar door, right? And their Barossa experience is an absolute gem, with delectable dining options, an intriguing “Blend Bar” which allows you to mix your own wine, as well as the classic front of house cafe and wine store.

No wonder it won the Gourmet Traveller Wine Awards “Best Large Cellar Door” experience…

  • Lambert Estate

Lambert Estate is every bit as much a charming Barossa place to rest your head as it is a fantastic winery. It has everything you need to complete your unforgettable Barossa adventure: a fab cellar door, full dining menu, event space and a rustic place to stay throughout your visit!

So, not only can you experience some of the best Shiraz, Merlot and Rose in the entire region.

  • Yalumba

Yalumba proudly stands as the largest Barossa winery without corporate influence stifling its affairs. This stunning winery, perched royally above the valley at Angaston, offers some of the world’s true high end red vintages, as well as a charming cellar door that allows you to enjoy some of its supreme reds with some equally sumptuous cuisine!

And what else..?

The Barossa may be known as Australia’s ultimate place to enjoy some fine vino amongst beautiful valley surroundings, but it is also a place where you can experience some of the other fine things in life, too!

Take, for example, the duo of Barossa farmers markets: the Barossa Farmers Market and the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market. What makes both these farmers markets so special is the way they each offer vastly different goodies to the other, allowing you to get some of the country’s best food, flowers and wine from two wondrous markets.

And don’t forget to head to the famous Maggie Beer Farm Shop, where you can pick up some of her legendary label’s most delicious goodies whilst learning how to make delightful verjuice!

It really sounds like a nice weekend in the Barossa, hey?

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