Breast Augmentation Surgery: 6 Things You Can Expect

Around eight in every one thousand women in the United States has had some sort of breast implant. Although it may not sound like a lot, breast augmentation surgery is becoming increasingly popular.

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However, it can be a very daunting procedure and if you’re thinking about having it done, you might want to learn all you can about the surgery itself and what comes after.

Here are six things you can expect from breast augmentation surgery.

1. Increased Confidence

With 60% of these surgeries being done for cosmetic reasons, it’s safe to say that most people who get breast augmentation surgery are looking to improve their appearance for their own confidence.

While this sort of surgery has been stigmatized in the past, it’s perfectly valid to want to change something about yourself for the sake of your own self-esteem. Yes, breast surgery can really help with this!

It can help you wear different clothes that you may not have felt able to before as well as make you, overall, feel more confident in different aspects of your life. While you should always think surgeries like this over carefully, chances are, if it’s something you’re wanting then it can give you a huge mental health boost.

2. Evened Out Breasts

Although the main goal of breast augmentation surgery is to increase the size of someone’s breasts, what many don’t realize is that it can also even them out.

Most people have one breast that’s slightly bigger than the other. In some people, it’s a barely noticeable, subtle difference and in others, it’s a fairly significant one and the main reason they aren’t confident about that area of their body.

The great thing about this plastic surgery is that it can even them out. They don’t have to look huge or fake — not if that’s not what you want! For some people, surgery with subtle changes is best.

The best plastic surgeon will work with you to achieve the result you want.

3. Different Cost Options

People often wonder about the breast augmentation surgery cost. While it’s true it’s likely to cost thousands of dollars, there are some options, and it also depends on what you want to achieve.

As well as this, many plastic surgeons can offer financing plans. This means you can pay over time rather than have to drop a lot of money at once.

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely your health insurance will cover any of the costs unless your doctor has recommended that the surgery is necessary. Breast surgery that is often necessary for health reasons is usually to reduce the size or remove something from the beast, not to increase the size.

Make sure you budget for having no help at all.

It’s also important not to automatically go with the cheapest surgeon though. Make sure the plastic surgeon is board-certified and has plenty of experience and a trail of happy customers behind them. The cheapest may be the cheapest for a reason, and you don’t want to be part of someone’s learning curve!

4. A Quick Surgery

One of the great things about breast augmentation is that you’re usually looking at a pretty quick surgery day. Most people don’t even have to stay in hospital overnight and can head home the same day.

This is great for people who don’t want to be away from their family or homes for too long. Although you can’t resume regular activities right away (so don’t expect to be able to take care of dependents, etc.), it means you can be back in your own bed to recover.

Some people also don’t like sleeping in beds that aren’t their own, so this is a huge plus for them!

5. A Few Weeks of Recovery

Don’t expect to be able to resume regular activities right away. You’ll also need some time off work, as you shouldn’t be physically straining yourself any time soon. Your doctor will be able to advise you on what to do and how long to rest.

Some pain and discomfort is normal, though painkillers can help and it shouldn’t be anything excruciating. You should take it easy and make sure you don’t move the area too much.

Usually, it will be bandaged and there will be swelling and bruising, so you may not get to see your new breasts for quite a while. Patience is key!

6. A Realistic Lifespan

Breast implants don’t last forever and nor are they indestructible.

The first thing you should remember is that the implant may rupture, and you should get them continuously checked to make sure they haven’t. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on how to do this and how often you should.

Secondly, other factors will affect the appearance of your breasts still. Weight gain and loss can still change the size and shape. Aging will also have an effect as, even with the implants, they will eventually start to sag.

Breast augmentation surgery is very worth it for a lot of people, but keep your expectations realistic and don’t expect miracles or you may be disappointed.

This Is What to Expect From Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you’ve decided to get breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to know what to expect. You’ll likely get a huge confidence boost and feel great, but it’s essential to remember to take care of yourself during the recovery and know that the surgery doesn’t keep your breasts in your ideal shape forever.

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