Smart Budgeting Hacks for Students
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Smart Budgeting Hacks for Students

All with finding the right student accommodation in the UK, paying for your university tuition and managing your monthly food and commute budget, it becomes imperative that you learn how to make your pounds stretch when living in a country like the United Kingdom. Here are a few life hacks that will go a long way when trying to make your money last!

Smart Budgeting Hacks for Students
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Find A Part-Time Job

Getting yourself employed during your student years can take a whole lot of loads off your head, at least financially. Depending on where you work and how much you earn, you can make enough money to pay for your accommodation, food and transport. Although student accommodation in London and other major cities can prove to be more expensive than the smaller cities and towns, you will be relieved to find out that the minimum wage in London and other major cities is also higher when compared to the smaller towns, thus allowing you to make more and save more! 

Score the Best Student Halls

Finding yourself the best deals when it comes to student halls and other types of accommodation can save you a lot of money, both directly and indirectly. For example, with some places like the Best Student Halls, you can earn money through referrals and even save big when you make group bookings. Alternatively, you can save in the long run by sharing your living space with other students or finding somewhere from which you can walk to your uni and work. This way, you can save money that you would otherwise be spending on the commute! 

Opt for Public Transport

The best thing about being a student in the UK is its excellent public transport system. To top the cake, you also get discounts of up to 50% on bus and train travel across the UK. This means that you can get to almost anywhere in the country without having to invest in your own vehicle and save loads of money in that respect. If you are planning to travel far, you can always make your reservations in advance and get your tickets at a fraction of the price! 

Don’t Spend on Books

This might sound counterintuitive when you read it but what we mean is that you do not need to spend on new books. You can save loads of money if you simply go on your uni’s Facebook page and find your seniors who are trying to sell entire book sets. You will get all the books in one place at a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, you can find second-hand books in online stores or simply borrow them from your uni’s library! 

Know Your Stores

When in the UK, you will find stores that cater to different segments of society. For example, you will find general stores like Waitrose that sell high-end products; from groceries to packaged household products. However, since you are trying to save money, you can always opt for stores like Iceland and Asda that offer better deals and can bring your monthly bill down, considerably. 

Now that you are equipped with all the right tools that you might need to save money in the long run, the only thing left to do is pack your bags and move into student accommodation in the UK of your choice! 

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