What Products And Brushes Do You Need For A Staple Makeup Collection?

Building a staple makeup collection can be the key to creating a great look every time. Having go-to products that you can rely on is ideal if you’re traveling and need to bring a minimum amount or if you just want a solid basis for your everyday makeup look. However, with all the available products out there, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just a small selection. We’ll help you build a core collection of makeup products, what brushes to use with them, and some suggestions to get you started.

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Essential makeup items for your collection

Let’s take a look at the essential makeup items you need to build your core collection.


You’ll want to start with a trusty foundation that makes your skin look its best and lasts all day. The Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation will give you medium coverage and lasts throughout the skin. If you want something a bit lighter on the skin, opt for the Clarins Skin Illusion Nation Hydrating Foundation. A flat brush is always a great option for applying your foundation; add the product directly to your skin, and blend in effortlessly with a brush such as the Smashbox Buildable Foundation Brush.

A great alternative to the foundation if you want to keep it minimal and light on the skin is a BB cream. This feels more like a tinted moisturizer to give you some coverage but let your natural skin come through. Check out the Erborian BB Cream to even out your skin tone and provide light coverage.

Your next product should be some bronzer to add some definition to your face. You’ll want to apply it wherever you want to create shadows on the face, like under the cheekbones. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer is a great product for bronzing and contouring the face. Simply use a round bronzer brush to lightly apply the product in the desired areas.

Finally, to add some color and glow to your face, add some blusher to your cheeks. The Lancome Blush Subtil is perfect for adding a natural burst of color and glow to the skin. Blush brushes tend to be angular to fit perfectly on the apples of your cheeks; the Clarins Blush Brush is a great one to try.


Once you’ve finished your face, you can move on to bringing some definition to your brows. Add some of the NYX Tame & Fame Brow pomade in hair-like strokes with an angle brush to fill in any sparse areas of your brows. Don’t forget to finish it off with some brow gel to set the hairs in place.


To complete your staple makeup collection, add some definition to your eyes. Mascara is the perfect way to make your lashes pop. There are loads of different ones to choose from depending on if you want to add length or volume.


Those are the basic makeup products and makeup brushes to give you a great look every day and start your staple collection. There are lots more options out there, too, when you are ready to enhance your look, such as eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, and highlighter.

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