Bawdy good fun facts: 5 things about strippers you didn’t know

Have you ever wanted to know a little more about the sripping industry? Has the field ever caught your fancy in a way that surpasses simply watching beautiful women prance around on the stage, the podium or the catwalk? Is there a fascination that surpasses that of getting your naughty kicks at a sultry strip club?


Well, if you’re a patron of Sydney adult nightlife, and are interested in learning a little more about the profession, here are a few fun facts to broaden your knowledge on this cheeky industry:

1. 60% of strippers have other jobs

Yes, strippers work hard. If they’re not shaking their goods and prancing up and down a catwalk for the punter’s viewing pleasure they are likely working hard at another job.

Strippers don’t necessarily stick to stripping as their sole profession. They may be chefs, healthcare professionals, IT professionals, marketers – you know it, a stripper probably does it well at their nighttime gig!\

Which leads us to our next fact…

2. Teaching is the most common profession for strippers

What? How? We can hear the more… uptight of you asking. How can it be that the people who educate the masses also spend their evenings showing off their privates to randy guys?

Well, why the hell not, really? Why shouldn’t a stripper be able to teach as well? It’s a grossly common and injust misconception that strippers are ditsy people who are only doing the job because they can’t work in any other field, when in fact they are often doing the job to earn a little extra cash from you, the randy punter!

3. Most people think it’s a legitimate industry

Well, that’s a relief! It’s good to know that 86.3% of people view stripping as a legitimate industry, as opposed to the 8% who think it’s a form of prostitution. Given that prostitution is still illegal in large swarthes of the world, how would itp possibly make sense that you would have countless licenced strip clubs in most major cities across the world, with the Sydney adult nightlife being one of the most prominent (and outrageously fun) places to enjoy it the worlds over?!

4. There are nine female strippers to every male stripper

This one should come as little surprise, though it’s still fun to put a number on it. Yes, it’s true, it’s confirmed: you blokes love your strippers much more than us women do!

I mean, this was pretty obvious, especially because you don’t find the top city strip clubs full of blokes gyrating and shaking their you-know-what towards countless scores of toey post-work females, do you?

And yes, you are far more likely to find the blokes stripping away for hens nights, birthday parties – that sort of thing – thus adding further weight to the fact that there are nine female strippers to every male stripper!

5. Most strippers do it because they like dancing

So why not make a little coin out of it? Seriously, if dancing is your passion, and you feel that it’s something you could milk for a little extra cash, who’s going to stop you?

It only makes sense that you might feel the desire to combine the two, especially when it can be such a lucrative industry, so it’s fitting that this was one of the main responses when women were asked why they got into the industry!

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