Bedroom Basics: How to Be an Awesome Lover?

How to Become a Better Lover?

Everybody wants to be a better lover when in a relationship. Sometimes, it can be tricky learning how to be better because different people prefer various things.

With patience, anybody can become a better lover

Many people strive to be the best their partners have ever had; it starts with your attitude. If your partner has hinted that you need to up your game or feel like you’re not that great – you’ve got some work to do. The good news is that you cannot be bad in bed; it’s not a thing.

Become a Better Lover With These Tips

Although different partners like different approaches, you can do various things that can help you become better. You don’t have to read many books or magazines; you only need to do these simple steps.

Better Be a Lover Than a Fighter

One way to be a better lover is listening to your partner’s non-verbal and verbal cues. Nobody is bad in bed; if you think you’re bad, it’s because you keep ignoring their hints and do what you want. Better be a lover than a fighter by paying attention to what your soulmate is saying with her body, touch, and mouth. Are they pushing you away or pulling you closer? These small cues can help you to understand what your lover likes. If you’re shy, you can visit sites recommended by a Dating Reviewer and seek advice there from experienced users.


Most women search for how to be a better lover to my husband; the first step is to be keen on cleanliness. Although our natural scents are attractive to the opposite sex, nobody wants to get down with somebody who stinks. Maintaining good hygiene should be common sense, especially when you are about to get busy with your better half. If you have no time to shower (which is necessary), clean your nether regions to avoid turning off your partner. It’s also advisable to trim and keep it clean.

Take a shower to avoid body odor


Nobody can read minds, at least not yet, so it’s necessary to tell your partner what you want and what you don’t like. If you’re wondering how to be a better lover to my girlfriend, you need a simple trick: communicate. For instance, saying things like “a little more pressure, please.”

Slow Down

If you want to learn how to be a better lover in a relationship, you have to take it slow. Your partner will appreciate it when you take the time to build tension and get her in the mood slowly. The best way to do this is to create anticipation. You can send text messages or alluring pictures throughout the day to arouse a desire. Be creative; talk dirty at certain times, like when you’re at the theatre.

Kisses Are Important

When you watch how to be a better lover in videos, you will notice that women love kisses. Begin your foreplay with kisses and then focus on pleasing each other. Kiss her all over: ears, back, neck, thighs, inner arms, feet, etc. Caressing and kissing bring pleasure to your partner. This also helps you to discover what she likes, and you can use this to pleasure her in the future. This works for both men and women.


Have you ever read on how to become a better lover WikiHow tips and came across role play? Role-playing can be fun; it involves acting out your sexual fantasies. Role-playing starts from your imagination. It is necessary to talk with your partner about your boundaries, expectations, and safe words. Role-play with your partner if you trust him/her and if you can communicate honestly and openly.

Get started by thinking about your fantasies; let your dirty thoughts inspire you. Although most role-play scenarios are kinky, you don’t always have to be overtly sexual, bold, or aggressive. If you are trying role play for the first time, it might feel silly, uncomfortable, or awkward. Start slowly and small; it becomes easier once you get comfortable.


A lover is better than a friend because you can get kinky with the former but not the latter. One of the best ways to have great sex is to use lube; your body might not produce enough. It is necessary to have a good lube around just in case you need it. You can choose silicone-based, which lasts longer but eventually damages your toys; water-based, which dries faster but is safe for toys, or you can mix it up – whatever you like.

Control Your Emotions

It’s best to control your emotions to avoid arguments in your relationship. Nobody wants to have a partner who is the best lover but with a terrible personality. You don’t want to let your emotions get the better of you and lead to a breakup. You cannot become a better lover if you get jealous too quickly or cannot control yourself.

Praise Your Lover

Everybody loves to be praised; a compliment can change your lover’s mood and brighten her day. Being a better lover for her means appreciating who she is and what she does for you. Don’t just compliment her physical attributes but also her kindness or intelligence. This will show genuine appreciation, and she will praise you too.

Spread It out

It’s great to have the whole day or an afternoon with your lover. Instead of having a quickie, break up your romance and get back to it later. This is also a great way to build anticipation throughout the day.

Change Your Routine

Partners who have maintained long relationships have established when to have ‘we time.’ This is a sensible routine to imitate. If you find your relationship going slow, you can ignite the fire by initiating sex at different times rather than waiting until you both go to bed. This is the time most people are usually exhausted and sleepy; this kills the desire and attraction.

Establishing a new routine can transform your love-life


Everybody wants to be a better lover. This is easy; it starts in your mind – think about your fantasies and talk with your partner, change your routine if you have to, etc. Although these tips are not a one-size-fits-all, most of them will work with your partner.

What other tips can you suggest? Please share with us.

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