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Why Should You Consider WordPress as The Preferred CMS Choice for Your Website?

You need to consider a lot of things if you want to create a new site. These things can include the ways for creating and managing the site. Will you take interest in using a content management system like WordPress?

wordpress website

For managing the site, you can get a lot of help from the content management system. It is interesting to know that without using a CMS, creation of a custom website is possible. But there is a problem associated with this kind of site. The problem is that the original developer can’t modify this site very easily.

A CMS that is open-source type is WordPress. For building sites, this CMS can play a very good role. You can use it as a software for creating the sites. The beginners will not face any difficulty in using WordPress. Now I am going to describe why you should consider WordPress as the preferred CMS choice for your website.

1. It is easy to use WordPress 

Editing navigation, managing plugins, accessing posts and pages is possible with the same dashboard in every WP site. It has a well-organized and intuitive control panel. Testing any change in your WP site is possible with the creation of a staging environment. After testing, you can upload it to your live site. Sometimes for creating a custom WP site, no designer or developer is there to help you out. In this situation you can take advantage of a large number of free themes available in WP. Altering any theme’s code is possible here. You can easily find a large number of mobile responsive themes in it. So, we can say that WP sites are responsive sites. A responsive site is always demanded by the algorithm of Google. You can take advantage of a large number of plugins of WP that are free. You do not need any developer for using these plugins. There are a variety of special functions that the plugins offer. These can include image sliders and social sharing.

2. It is an open-source CMS 

You can use a shared hosting provider of any type for hosting your WP site. If you take interest in using and editing it, then you do not have to pay any money. For hosting and domain, some money needs to be paid by you. However, these are not so expensive. Sometimes hosting fees include the price of the domain also. $30 per month is the starting fees of the WP Engine. On the web, the stacks that are most common and are very old are LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). Basically, on a LAMP stack, the WP runs. LAMP stack has been used by a large number of shared hosting services. By using it you can easily transport your site. As per your requirement, moving the website from a host to a different host is possible.

3. Creation of any kind of site is possible on WordPress 

You can use WP for creating sites of the following types:

  • Booking site
  • B2B/Services
  • Membership
  • Blog site
  • B2C/Ecommerce

4. You can do SEO of WordPress very easily 

On Google, it is very easy to rank a WP site. Several features make it possible which are:

  • Navigation
  • Fast speeds of the site
  • A framework that is crawl-able

Along with this, it has a number of plugins that are SEO-specific. If you take interest in improving your SEO, then you can use Yoast SEO plugin. For creating a sitemap, inserting link elements and meta tags, analyzing pages and giving suggestions, this plugin can help you out. For your posts and pages, choosing a focus keyword is also possible with this.

5. It provides best blog functionality

You can consider WP as a very good platform for publishing blogs. It has a large number of blog specific plugins that can help you a lot in publishing blogs. On WP, the same site can run a website as well as a blog. So, we can say that for SEO and for business it is very good. Managing blog subscriptions is also possible with this. Emma, Constant Contact and Mailchimp are some very big email providers which can be easily integrated on WP blogs.

If you take interest in planning, developing and designing innovative sites then it will be good for you to contact a responsive web design company.

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