Dangers of Mold and How Mold Remediation Services Omaha Nebraska Cope with this Fungus

It is important for everyone to know what mold is because this fungus accompanies us everywhere. Some types of mold can kill, while others, on the contrary, save. It is mold that poisons food, and there is one that gives a special taste to wines and cheese. When it comes to the premises, damp basements, damp walls, heating and cooling systems, air conditioners, dishwashers, trash cans, bookcases, bathrooms, and flower pots all make the perfect habitat for mold. People try to get rid of mold as soon as possible themselves or with the help of mold remediation services Omaha Nebraska.

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What is mold?

Mold belongs to the class of fungi. The class of fungi includes 100,000 species, including cap fungi, false powdery mildew and yeast, and rust fungi. Mold, or microscopic fungus, consists of threads – these are the so-called vultures of different lengths and thicknesses which grow out of a mycelium. Mold grows and reproduces very quickly. For example, one sporangium contains 50,000 particles, each of which is ready to reproduce hundreds of millions of new spores in a few days. Mold quickly appears on walls, books, or any other surfaces. Professionals who work for mold remediation services Omaha Nebraska and deal with it regularly say that the premises with humidity above 60% make the most favorable conditions for the development of mold. If your house or apartment is damp and dark, you can expect mold to appear on almost all surfaces. It’s pretty difficult to get rid of it, so you won’t cope without professional mold remediation services Omaha Nebraska.


What is the danger of mold?

The main harm of mold is that mold is allergenic and toxic. Colonies of mold produce so-called mycotoxins, which can accumulate in the body and cause liver cancer over time. Our body, liver in particular, is able to process a certain number of toxins without doing harm to itself, however, when the amount of mold spores exceeds the normal amount, the body gets poisoned. When inhaled with air, the mold can settle on the lungs and bronchi, causing a runny nose, bronchitis, cough, sore throat, ARI, flu, headaches, and various allergies. Perhaps, this is the main reason why mold remediation services Omaha Nebraska are in great demand nowadays – people understand the cause of their diseases and try to eliminate this cause with the help of professional services. 


Although it is almost impossible to get rid of mold spores completely, it is possible to prevent mold from growing and developing. The most effective way to control mold is to make sure the room is clean and dry. 


If you are worried about your health and the health of your family, never consume moldy food. If you have noticed the first signs of mold on the walls, don’t ignore this problem. You can try to get rid of the small spots yourself, but if you see that you can’t stop mold from growing on your own, don’t hesitate to apply to the experts from mold remediation services Omaha Nebraska and they’ll take care of it. 


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