Exploring Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey with Prof. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu at Celyxmed

Turkey, known for its rich history and advanced medical services, has become a sought-after destination for cosmetic surgery, including tummy tucks. At the heart of this industry is Celyxmed, where Prof. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu, a leading figure in plastic surgery, has been transforming patients’ lives with his expertise.

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Cost-Effective Tummy Tuck Procedures

Patients often inquire about the cost of undergoing a tummy tuck in Turkey. At Celyxmed, how much is a tummy tuck in Turkey? The procedure is priced affordably at £3,175, which includes all associated fees without any hidden costs. This competitive pricing makes Turkey an attractive option for those seeking quality cosmetic procedures without the financial burden often found in other countries.

Why Choose Celyxmed for Your Tummy Tuck?

Opting for a tummy tuck in Turkey at Celyxmed means receiving care from Prof. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu, whose decades of experience ensure top-tier results. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology, and the staff follows stringent safety protocols, making the entire process safe and effective.

Comprehensive Care and Superior Outcomes

The tummy tuck cost in Turkey at Celyxmed covers comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative care, ensuring that each patient’s journey towards a rejuvenated physique is smooth and stress-free. Dr. Aytuğlu and his team focus on personalized care, tailoring each procedure to the patient’s specific needs and expectations.


Choosing Celyxmed for a tummy tuck not only offers financial benefits but also guarantees high-quality medical care under the expertise of renowned surgeon Prof. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu. With its all-inclusive pricing and exceptional patient care, Celyxmed remains a top destination for those looking to enhance their body confidence through cosmetic surgery.

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