Fashion Influencers: Everyday Outfit Ideas from Social Media Stars

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The rise of social media has meant that trendsetting in fashion is no longer confined to the big runways with the major luxury brands. Because of this shift, we get to see new heights in innovation and inspiration trending on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms: gone are the days when you would need to fly out to Paris or New York or wait for the newest magazine publication to find the new seasonal trends. The fashion world is now at your fingertips.

Thanks to this, there is an explosion of creativity that brings true power to the people when it comes to the choices of what we wear, and how we embrace more unique forms of self-expression uploaded from just about anywhere. Best of all, while fashion influencers are as varied as their styles, one thing they often have in common is their savvy for attire that’s as ready to hit the streets as you are to hit that “like” button!

Take a look at a few of our favorite #inspo from social media stars!

The Old is New

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One of the biggest themes to come out of the age of social media in fashion is the way in which different eras blend seamlessly as styles that were once seen at odds and, that’s why the timeless styles of silver screen influencers like Marilyn Monroe continue to remain as popular as ever. Social media influencers have gotten especially creative in seeking innovative combinations of styles that bring old trends to modern life, and bring new plays on older traditions.

After all, one of the biggest things to come out of the last few years has been an exciting resurgence in designs from the 1980s up to Y2K. Can grunge fashion suddenly be preppy? Are..terry cloth tracksuits cool again? Yes, according to influencers!

One big way we see this happening is in the form of washed clothing: even if an acid wash is “so 90s,” consider one update in the form of mineral washing, where changes to fabric can be a bit more subtle, but still allow the individuality of each piece to “pop.” Not a bad way to bring back the denim skirt!

Inspired by K-Pop and Modest Fashion
Many of the most popular Instagram accounts by numbers of followers are, maybe not unsurprisingly, from fashion havens like Italy and London, including Chiara Ferragni, Gianluca Vacchi, and Zoe Sugg. That said, the World Wide Web is called that for a reason, and with social media driving our discussions around what’s in style, we see an even greater amount of fashion inspiration from people around the globe.

So, how about the hot up-and-coming trends from Korea? Definitely! Just as K-pop has skyrocketed to new heights worldwide, trends from Korea have also become viral hits. Look for playful designs that blend hip-hop with ultra-feminine looks for women and slick urban designs (especially heavily 90s-inspired!) for men.

Similarly, Instagram and TikTok have been instrumental in driving the rise in modest fashion, particularly of interest to Muslim women who love to look chic while staying true to their values and customs.

But, no matter your religion or background, the #modestfashion movement has been monumental in providing more paths to empowerment, showing that you can be radiant no matter how much or how little you layer.

Fashion Trends for All Sizes

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The run from the runway has also led to more opportunities for more people of more sizes to shine in what they are wearing. After a few generations of a one-size-fits-all/none approach to fashion modeling, social media influencers are #done, and we are here for it!

With more body-positive influencers strutting their stuff on screens worldwide, the fashion industry has taken note, leading to more exciting and dynamic options for more people. While layering continues to be a popular and pragmatic fashion choice for everyday outfits, plus-size fashion influencers are ready to show off that fashion for bigger bodies doesn’t need to be a matter of “covering up,” but rather that feeling cute, flirty, and fun is for every-Body! Influencers like Essie Golden and Sarah Tripp are more than eager to show the tips and tricks to navigating everyday wear that is designed with more bodies in mind, and companies that understand how to celebrate and support rather than hide those curves.


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Accessorizing is a must to make any everyday outfit pop! Whether it’s a bag (oversized sling bags are especially popular!), ethically sourced jewelry, or adding to your hair with decorative hair combs or headbands, the fashion world is your oyster – with or without the pearls!

And, of course, not everything has to be seen all the time to be believed: while influencers are ready to sport a wardrobe fresh with new ideas for everyone online, they can slip into quiet confidence with trendy lingerie and more that can give a boost from the inside out.

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