How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost? A Quick Guide

Wondering why you’ve never been able to get rid of that belly flab? Tired of feeling self-conscious on the beach or while wearing certain clothes that show off your stomach?

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Getting a tummy tuck might be a good fit for you if you’ve tried all the ways to shrink your belly and nothing works. The next question to answer is how much does a tummy tuck cost?

Tummy Tuck Basics

There are a lot of tummy tuck options and, because of that, a lot of tummy tuck prices. People get tummy tucks for a variety of reasons, but often it’s because the pouch in front refuses to go away, and it’s often not your fault.

Whether it’s from getting older, pregnancy, or other reasons, your abdominal muscles may no longer lay flat on your stomach area. And this can’t be fixed with exercise or healthy eating habits alone. But a tummy tuck can help flatten and repair that damaged area so you have a smoother stomach once again.

Cost Factors

While it would be nice to say all tummy tucks cost this much, that’s impossible. There are many factors involved in getting a tummy tuck that goes into the final price. The place you get it and the kind of tummy tuck you get will impact your budget. The type of procedure and tools needed, like doing a drainless tummy tuck or not, can also impact the price.

Getting general anesthesia will cost much more than local, and different geographical places will change the price. Getting your tummy tuck done on a coast, where they are more popular, will offer you more plastic surgeons to choose from but also higher costs.

Type of Tuck

There are two main types of tummy tucks. An abdominoplasty is the full procedure and is more invasive. And the second is the mini tummy tuck, which is like an abbreviated version of the full tuck. Depending on which one you get, your cost will change because of what is done and what’s needed for recovery, etc.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

The general estimate without any other details included is around $6,000. However, getting a mini tummy tuck can range from four to six thousand. And a full abdominoplasty can put you out up to $18,000 depending on where you are and who’s doing it.

Tummy tuck prices can include a lot of things including what your recovery looks like and what the doctor does, so a price is not set in stone.

Tuck and Run

Asking the question of how much does a tummy tuck cost is important in the process of deciding if you want to get one. But you shouldn’t feel it’s impossible when looking at the highest price tags.

Your specific procedure may be more or less than the general price, and you won’t know without proper consultation about what you want. Talking to a plastic surgeon is the best way to get an accurate idea of tummy tuck options and prices. And if this helped you better understand what goes into that final number, keep reading for more useful info.

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