How to Plan the Perfect Iceland Wedding Everybody Will Remember for Years

Around two million Americans tie the knot every year, many of whom marry overseas for their dream wedding. A popular location is Iceland, thanks to its magical scenery, rich heritage, and warm hospitality. Perhaps you’re planning an Iceland wedding, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know for your big day.

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Learn About Marriage Laws in Iceland

Before you can plan a traditional Icelandic wedding, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the marriage laws.

For instance, both partners must be over 18 and not currently married to someone else. If either of you is divorced or widowed, then you must apply for official documents to verify this. Note, that Iceland is liberal so same-sex marriages are often celebrated here.

To prepare for your small wedding in Iceland, you must fill out an application form from the District Magistrate of Reykjavik and get these signed by two witnesses. Make sure this is prepared at least one month prior so there’s enough time to get your details confirmed.

But, eventually, you will receive a certificate so you can move forward with your wedding.

Know the Best Time of Year

Aside from figuring out an Iceland wedding cost, you should consider the best time of year to visit. Iceland has four distinct seasons which all have their quirks.

Spring weddings are popular, thanks to the vibrant flowers, and its comfortable temperature. Plus, the days aren’t too long, making it a wonderful time to get married.

Or, if you want a summer wedding, then tie the knot under the midnight sun for a memorable day. But it’s important to note, that summer is the most popular time so if you’re interested, check out Iceland wedding venues and book one quickly.

But couples who want a picturesque wedding should get married during winter. Imagine this: you’ll be surrounded by snowcapped mountains with a glimmer of the Northern Lights behind you. If this interests you, make sure you choose a venue that’s easily accessible, as many roads get closed if there’s a snowstorm.

Too dramatic? Then book an Iceland waterfall wedding in Fall. The day isn’t too long and the crunchy, orange-red leaves make the landscape beautiful.

Figure Out Your Wardrobe

What you and your partner wear will depend on the season and your style. For instance, if you’re a bride getting married in winter, then wear a stunning gown with an elegant coat over it. And if it’s long, don’t be afraid to wear thermals underneath because it can be chilly.

And in the other seasons, ask guests to bring layers because it can be cool in the evening, even in the warmer months.

Choose the Perfect Location

The most important aspect of your big day is finding the dream location. Before you book anything, learn about waterfall weddings because these are a favorite amongst tourists.

You should check out the Skógafoss waterfall, a majestic natural wonder that cascades for 200 feet. It’s no surprise that this is a favorite wedding venue because of the dramatic scenery.

Or, visit Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach which is another unforgettable outdoor venue. Your wedding photos will look surreal with onyx-colored sand and the jagged rocks breaking through the waves.

And if that doesn’t interest you, tie the knot by Víti lake. This is a geothermic beauty spot and is a local favorite because of its aqua-colored water. Plus, you can take a relaxing dip once you’ve officially been wed.

Hire a Wedding Photographer

There’s no better way to immortalize your big day than with wedding photography. You can either hire one at home or seek local talent. Plus, Icelandic photographers can capture the best light, crucial if you’re getting married in summer or winter.

Send Out Invites

You’ve got everything planned, so now you must send out invites. Not everyone has the budget or flexibility to reach you and remind guests that there will be no hard feelings if they can’t make it.

When loved ones do arrive, make them comfortable by sorting out accommodation for them. If you’re getting married in a remote area, organize private transport and ensure everyone is well-fed.

Schedule Post-Wedding Activities

It’s important that everyone has an unforgettable time in Iceland, so plan activities for the next day. Before the trip, ask everyone which type of vacation they’re after. For instance, you could go for a long hike to the hot springs or even glacier ice climbing.

If that’s too adventurous, then visit Iceland’s south coast to take a stroll along their mesmerizing beaches. And head to Reykjavik for a day trip to try local food and soak up the incredible Icelandic culture.

Send “Thank You” Notes

Your loved ones are traveling across the globe to see you tie the knot, so say thank you. Instead of sending a generic e-card, send handwritten letters or write a heartwarming message in a gift card.

As a general rule, send out your thanks within six weeks after your wedding and guests will know they’re appreciated it. You should also send one to those who donated or sent you a gift.

Book Your Iceland Wedding Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re confident about planning your unforgettable Iceland wedding.

Familiarize yourself with Iceland’s marriage laws, the best season for your wedding, and find the ultimate location. Then, you can hire a wedding photographer and make it a memorable time for your guests too. Good luck!

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