Installing Motorized Shades
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Installing Motorized Shades – Things You Need To Know

Many years ago Installing Motorized shades was invented in Kansas City, Missouri by Fredick Bopp and Edward Bopp, who invented authentic patents. The name of the company at that time was Sun Vertical. In the 1960’s, this company and patent were sold.

Installing Motorized Shades
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Motorized shades used to cover the windows. Generally we can say that it is the covering industry which is designed to make home smarter, convenient and easier as the demand of the customer. 

As their name shows, motorized shades lower and rise via a motor. It means that you do not have to flurry with chains, lift cords, or cordless solutions. 

Window treatment are really important for the renovation of home and motorized shades play a vital role in it. Generally, there are many types of motorized shaded and each one has their own different installation methods, here we discuss some types and their working:

11 types of Motorized Shades

  • 485 AC – it comes with a push b button and an external control. 
  • AC – it comes with large or alone scale facilities.
  • ST30 DC – it comes with low wiring cost and low voltage motor. 
  • XL – it is used for windows which come with 5 plus and greater width. 
  • Battery – it offers smooth and quiet transition for challenging areas. 
  • ReCharge – it is used when wiring is not required. 
  • RTS AC – it comes with wireless control possibilities. 
  • 2 – it is usd for tall and large areas. 
  • Solar Control Options – it is used for large windows. 
  • I/O AC – it is usd for small to midsize positions. 
  • 50 DC – it is used for large widths. 

How to Install Motorized Shades – A complete overview

Part you need for installation 

  • 2x Mounting Brackets as per shade. 
  • 4x Screws as per shade. 
  • 1x Motor Cap Cover. 
  • Remote Control Battery Motor.
  • 1x plug-In Charge with Extension Cable. 

Tools for installation of Motorized Shades

  • Phillips Screwdriver.
  • Drill with an ⅛ bit and a Phillips bit.
  • Metal Tape Measure. 
  • Mount Tape for Installation. 

Note: For wider sides, longer lengths and thicker fabrics, you may be supplied with an extension bracket to adapt a bigger shade diameter. In this condition, the measurement of the motorized shades from the bottom of the brackets to the height of the bracket curve must be 3¾. 

How to mountain your brackets

There are two types of mountain brackets:

  • Inside Mountain.
  • Outside Mountain.

Inside Mountain

  • Connect the bracket with 2 screws to the window molding, window frame, ceiling and wall. 
  • There are a lot of easy ways to install the bracket, you may choose best for your situation. 
  • Because Brackets are universal therefore, maybe they mountain on other sides.  

Note: For longer lengths, thicker fibrer and wider widths, you may be given extension with brackets to adjust a bigger shade diameter. In this situation, the measurement from the foundation of the bracket to the peak of the bracket surve should be 3¾. 

Outside Mountain

  • By using the pencil make points on the wall on the sides of the bracket, then erase the shade and connect the bracket with 2 screws. 
  • Attach the shade with both brackets and place the shade over the window. 
  • Place the shade into another bracket, hold the shade and place it into the other end where already mounted brackets exist. 

Note: For longer length, thicker fabric and wider widths, you should provide a boosting bracket to adopt a bigger shade of diameter. In this condition, the measurement of the foundation of the bracket to the bottom of the bracket curve should be 3¾.

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