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Keeping Your Style When Changing Your Home: How To Find A New Salon

It’s been said over and over again.

Moving is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. That’s why there are tons of tips and advice on dealing with the stress of moving

The good news is there’s one thing you can check off your list of things to stress over. So if you’re concerned about how to find a new salon where you’re moving, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for some of the best tips and advice on finding a new salon.

Find A New Salon
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Let Your Current Stylist Help You

Like asking for moving help from your family and friends, you can ask your current stylist to provide you with details on your favorite looks.

For example, if you love your current cut and color, have your stylist write down how they did it. The more detailed the instructions are, the better. Of course, you wouldn’t want to impose on your stylist, so be sure only to do this if you have a pretty good relationship with them. 

Use Instagram to Find a New Salon

While it’s easy to google “where to get a haircut + your current city,” it’s better to rely on results you can see. 

Now, if you already have friends or relatives where you’re moving, that’s great. If one of them has a hairstyle you like, all you need to do is ask them which salon they frequent. 

You can also do this with strangers, but it will take some guts. Understandably, if you don’t want to do this, you can use Instagram. First, search for hashtags like #floridahairstylist or #haircutnearme, then send a direct message to the salons that pique your interest.  

Be Prepared When Checking Out Salons

One of the most exciting things about changing hairstylists is you get to check out different salons. You don’t have to book a cut with each one, but you can schedule consultations.

During your visit, be sure to bring photos. You may not need them if you’ve just had a cut, but if it’s been months since you’ve had your hair cut, colored, or styled, photos will be necessary.

When showing photos to a potential stylist, be specific about what you like about those looks. It wouldn’t help you at all if you only sit there and wait for the stylist to do magic. Always remember that fantastic cuts and styles are a result of good communication between stylist and client.

Trust Your Gut

Finding a new salon or stylist is also about rapport. Even if one stylist comes highly recommended by others, you don’t have to be a client if you don’t vibe with them. 

It doesn’t matter how good they are at doing specific styles. If you don’t feel a connection, it’s better to move on.  

Your New Stylist Is Waiting

With the tips we’ve listed, you should be ready to find a new salon and meet your next stylist. Always remember that you deserve to look your best, no matter how many times you move. 

For more beauty tips and advice, feel free to check out our other posts. 

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