Solar Panels

Renewable Energy: Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans want to make the switch to renewable energy?

Solar energy is one of the most popular sources out there because it’s so abundant and the technology has improved a lot over the recent years.

Solar Panels
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If you’re considering upgrading your home to solar energy, you might be wondering what you can gain. Keep reading to learn 5 facts about this alternative source of energy.

Solar Energy Is a Worthwhile Investment

It’s true that solar energy will cost more to install at first, but the panels usually pay for themselves within 4 years or so. After that, you’ll have complete energy independence and you can say goodbye to high electric bills forever. Since there are tons of loan providers who are happy to help cover your costs, you won’t have to spend years saving for this upgrade.

Solar Panel Installation Is Cheaper Than Ever

Even though you do have to pay a lot upfront to switch to solar energy, the costs are cheaper than they used to be even a few years ago.

With improving technology and a demand for more renewable energy resources, solar power is attainable for the average homeowner. Thanks to government tax deductions and incentives, you can score huge discounts and other perks depending on where you live.

You Can Feel Good About Going Green

As the climate crisis becomes more serious, each individual needs to think about different ways they can reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re serious about saving the environment, then going solar is one of the most efficient ways you can reduce your entire household’s carbon emissions. By relying on solar energy, you won’t have to worry that your tv binges and computer usage are heating up the planet.

Solar Panels Have a Long Lifespan

Solar panels do require some maintenance over the years to keep them performing at their best, but you won’t have to deal with any expensive replacements for a long time. Most solar companies install panels that will last for at least 25 years, but some brands have been known to last longer than 30 years.

Imagine all the money you can save over 20 years of not paying electric bills.

You’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

Some people are hesitant to install solar panels on their homes because they’re not sure how long they plan to live there. The good news is that solar panels always increase your home’s value because renewable energy is so desirable to real estate shoppers. Whether you want to flip a house to increase your profits or guarantee financial security in the future, you can never go wrong with solar.

Renewable Energy Is the Future

Now that you’ve learned more about renewable energy, you can decide if solar power is right for your home. Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll wish you did it sooner.

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