The must-haves: 5 essential Australian medical supplies for homes in 2023

Australian medical supplies for homes

There’s no escaping it: every household needs top quality healthcare equipment in the event of an incident. From minor scrapes to flu or something more complicated, it’s imperative to have a list of items on hand to ensure you can care for the person before they can receive proper attention.

So, with this in mind, here are four vital Australian medical supplies to keep in your cabinet:

1. Thermometer

The thermometer is always handy to have at home in case you need to quickly detect a case of fever or some other virus-related illness. What’s more, they can be easily accessed when partaking in an online appointment with your doctor, who may request that you take a reading to assist them with the appointment.

2. Emergency blankets

Cases of hypothermia and shock are not uncommon in Australia, especially in colder climates. Therefore, it is essential to have emergency blankets on hand to block the wind as well as limit heat loss. It can also help people with shock as it limits the level of trauma they have experienced.

The emergency blanket’s effect is optimised when the victim is able to stay warm. You can find a wide range of emergency blankets from the best Australian medical supplies stores, as well as a myriad of other products that can help keep the victim warm.

3. Vitamin B12 drip & saline

These two essentials can especially help the elderly. If you are someone who provides in-home care for an elderly person, then you will know both vitamin B12 and saline can help with care before the person receives proper treatment. What’s more, it helps to general antibiotics like amoxicillin or tetracycline on hand to fight bacterial infections.

Vitamin B12 and saline can easily be purchased from a quality supplier, and can actually make all the difference in an emergency situation, helping when someone is severely dehydrated.

4. A first aid kit

A complete first aid kit is imperative to providing care before a person can receive proper treatment. First aid kits can help stabilise people before they can receive proper treatment, and potentially provide life-saving assistance. All first aid kits should include the likes of a CPR mask, instant cold pack, pain relief (Tylenol or Aspirin), thermometer, burn gel, iodine pad, bandages, oral rehydration salts and antacids.

These are all imperative to have on hand in the event of an emergency, but you also have to ensure that you restock them once they’ve been used, especially if there is a risk of the person experiencing the same or a similar unfortunate incident.

5. Eyewash

Eyewash is something that is often overlooked when it comes to Australian medical supplies, but we can all probably remember an incident in which an eye injury occurred in the household.

Whether it came from liquid food items, chemicals or something mechanical, you should always have eyewash on hand to wash the ocular surface before they can receive proper eye treatment. You never know when an incident will occur that you need eyewash or contact solution for a facial injury, so keep; these essentials on-hand to avoid a nasty incident that can quickly escalate!

These are five essentials to keep on-hand in the home in case of emergency. Unfortunate incidents can be mitigated by having the best Australian medical supplies on-hand, so we recommend having these vital products at home to help with care before proper treatment can arrive.


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