Interesting Things and Best Attraction to See in Singapore Night Safari!

Singapore Night Safari is part of the Singapore Zoo that exhibits various attractions at night. As part of the zoo, that means you can meet nocturnal animals and unique things about animals at night. If you’re wondering about it, then a trip to the Singapore Night Safari can be your vacation list when visiting Singapore. You can check the Singapore Night Safari entrance fee on Traveloka for your references before making your choice.

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Not all animals you can see on the Night Safari, because this place only provides animals that are specifically active at night. Most of these animals are wild animals with wild behavior. For example, wolves, tigers, raccoons, hippos, leopards, giraffes, and many more.

In addition, the sensation you feel when visiting this place is also different. Where it feels like entering a forest area at night. You will be taken around into the forest by a Tram that has been provided. But don’t worry, the tram here is equipped with some security. So, you will not be harmed when approaching these animals.


3 Popular Attractions in Singapore Night Safari

After having fun walking around seeing the action and behavior of the animals at night. You will also be entertained by various impressive shows. The shows are certainly not far from the theme of this tourist spot. There are several shows you can watch on the list below!


  • Leopard Trail

For cat lovers, then this one show will be your best activity with wild cats. Here you can see the cute attractions of several types of cats, such as the Golden Cat, Leopard Cat, Clouded Leopard, and many more. You should put this on your must-visit spots in Singapore Night Safari!


  • Thumbuakar Tribal Dance

Here visitors can see a fire attraction that will be played by several players who are experts in their fields. In addition, the show will be equipped with a Tribal Dance action which is a very interesting fire dance. Even though it was a little hot, the show was very exciting and tense.

For Tribal Dancers themselves, it will be held every day in 3 sessions, which you can choose one of them, namely, at 7.00 pm, 08.00 pm and the last one is at 09.00 pm. The show will only be held for 10 minutes to entertain the visitors.


  • Creatures The Night Show

Besides being able to see the fire dance which is so exciting and tense, you will also be entertained with a show called Creatures The Night Show. This show features an animal attraction and you can get to know their intelligence and behavior in a closer look. Several animals are present in this show, such as hyenas, a type of yellow with large size, otters, raccoons, binturong, and many more.


Well, those are 3 popular attractions to visit in Singapore Night Safari. You will get a different travel experience to explore the zoo at night. Make sure to always arrange your plan well. Good luck and happy vacation!

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