The Latest Fall Fashion Trends That Are Everywhere in 2021

Almost 900 million dollars is spent on women’s clothing each year. A decent portion of this is likely from women updating their wardrobes to keep up with current trends.

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Do you like to dress to impress? Is being fashionable something that you pride yourself in? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to start focusing on the fall fashion trends of the 2021 season! Read on to hear about the trends that you can expect to see and how to incorporate them into your closet now.

A Pop of Color

While neutral-colored sweaters and cardigans have their place in anyone’s closet, this fall brightly colored knits are what’s in.

The brighter the color, the better. 

Focus on bold colored tops paired with neutral bottoms so that the color pops and has its moment. If bold colors aren’t your thing, try adding some color with statement jewelry. This won’t overtake your outfit but will still help you to stay on-trend.

Moody Florals

Florals are usually reserved for spring, but this year florals are making an early comeback and finding their way into your closet this fall!

Keep in mind that you should avoid pastel-colored florals that you typically see in the spring and opt for deeper colors like burnt orange and burgundy.

Try a floral tunic top with some leggings or a floral miniskirt with tights and a cozy sweater. No matter where you choose to incorporate florals, be sure to add them in if you want to follow women’s fashion trends.

Matching Sets

Matching sets have been a staple of the fashion industry for years, but this year the focus is on plaid sets that you might be used to seeing in 90s movies.

These sets are perfect to wear together, but if being too matchy-matchy isn’t your thing, you can separate your set and wear it with other clothes too! This affordable fashion trend is versatile and simple to switch out as your tastes change over time.

Activewear Dresses

Activewear clothing should be able to keep up with you being on the go and keep you comfortable whether you’re sailing on a boat to catch the last bit of sunshine, having lunch in town, or running errands.

Check out this hoodie dress that checks all of the boxes, protects you from the sun and has pockets!

It’s a staple that will have you fitting in with the best dressed for years to come.


Say goodbye to sweatpants and hello to loungewear.

Don’t be sad, though, because loungewear is one of the fall fashion trends that will keep you cute and cozy this fall while still keeping you comfortable too.

You can incorporate other current trends into your loungewear by buying matching sets, opting for florals, or testing out a bold new color of leggings. So whether you’re lounging on the couch or enjoying dinner with friends, loungewear will keep you stylish through it all.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets seem to be the trend that keeps on coming. It’s no surprise because they’re versatile and perfect for layering.

You can opt for a cropped jacket to pair with ripped jeans or something a bit oversized to pair with leggings. Either way, updating your wardrobe by buying a new leather jacket is a great way to stay in fashion in the coming months.

Stomping Boots

Utilitarian boots are something that you will see everyone wearing this year. They go well with literally everything. Bubble shape clothes? Stomping boots. Skinny jeans? Stomping boots. Little black dress? You guessed it, stomping boots.

A pair of these will go great with everything in your closet, all while keeping your feet comfortable and warm.


Love them or hate them, turtlenecks are back. While they aren’t for everyone, if you don’t mind their feel, they are a great piece of clothing to incorporate into your closet this year.

They’re an affordable fashion staple that works across many seasons and can be dressed up or down. Try layering one under a summer dress and throwing on some tights to take a dress from summer to fall and even into winter.

Shades of Brown

Brown can be a tricky color to find when you’re shopping for clothes, but it shouldn’t be a problem at all this year. 

Brown is in, and it’s the perfect choice for you if neutral, subdued colors are more your thing than anything else. Just wearing brown alone isn’t exactly what’s trending though, try focusing on wearing multiple shades of this color at once without incorporating any other colors into the mix.

It might sound strange, but it leads to a chic and effortless look that can work for any occasion.

Patchwork Styling

Do you like to make your own clothes? This is your year! One last trend to keep in mind is what’s being called patchwork styling.

If you know how to combine a few different prints and make a puffy jacket, now is your time to shine. Do you like making funky scrunchies? Get to sewing now!

Finishing looks with custom and unique pieces will always be on-trend.

Fall Fashion Trends for Every Fashionista

Clothing goes in and out of style, but these fall fashion trends will make sure that you’re definitely in style in the coming months.

From florals to hoodie dresses, dressing your best this fall is simple because of the variety of styles that are trending. If you incorporate a few things from this list into your closet, you will surely be getting compliments left and right while still having clothes that can transition to other months.

If you like to keep up on what’s trending when it comes to beauty and lifestyle content, definitely take a look at some of the other articles on our site!

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