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    Top 5 WordPress Theme Customization Plugins


    WordPress has been making a lot of noise lately. Nearly 24.7% of the websites are being developed using WordPress and this number keeps growing day by day. The huge community of WordPress’s developers and contributors offers hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins, improving the experience for both users and website owners. WordPress ready-made themes […]

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    How to implement ads without changing the look of your site


    Every person with a website has their own unique vision of what it should be, and what it should look like. Just as you have a personal preference, for say, ice cream; you also have one for the look and feel of a site. However, sometimes we can get caught up too much in looks, […]

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    Complete Guide to Convert HTML Website to WordPress


    Are your clients bored or confounded by static HTML websites? If you answered yes, you are not alone. In the age of dynamic content and rich interactive interfaces, static HTML websites just don’t cut it. Even if you do manage to create an amazing HTML/CSS website, you will then spend the rest of your time […]

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    30 Best Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Templates


    HTML5 CSS3 templates are available all over internet. Today, we are going to share 30 Best Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Templates that are popular among web designers and web developers. These templates provide you great features of sliders, blog, news, grids, and developed in the latest bootstrap framework. Free templates are not bad choice until […]

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    25 Useful New jQuery Tutorials and Examples

    Cool Social Buttons jQuery Plugin

    jQuery is one of the more lightweight JavaScript libraries which emphasizes interaction between HTML and JavaScript. It will make your HTML simpler, and owing to the ease, you will notice that your website, overall, becomes lightweight as well. It is fast and concise. It will help you achieve a lot more with a lot less, […]

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    A Collection of Free Wireframe Templates

    Sqetch Wireframe Toolkit

    Wireframing is a very crucial part of any designing process. Creating a plan, mockups and prototype is quite logical as it prevents huge errors from taking place once you start your actual process and go on to complete it.

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    Troubleshooting 4 Of The Most Commonly Encountered WordPress Errors

    Troubleshooting 4 Of The Most Commonly Encountered WordPress Errors

    WordPress is undoubtedly the most stable CMS platform available online and can be easily operated without causing many issues. But, at times, your WordPress site may not function normally because of some common errors. Through this post, I’ll be helping you learn about 4 of the most commonly encountered errors and will also help fix […]

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    How Your Favorite TV Shows Lure You Online


    If you are a big TV watcher and you have television shows that you are always sure to watch every week, whether you DVR them or cancel all plans to watch them when they air, it’s pretty likely you’ve spent some time online checking out info about your favorite shows. In fact, you may even […]